February 6, 2015

A Style Of My Own

This post is being written as part of the Women’s Web – Trishla eMart ‘A Style of My Own!’ campaign with a link to the Trishla emart website.

I am physically challenged and a working woman who has spent a good 35 years as a single woman and going to get engaged soon with my sweetheart. My Life is full of ups and downs, turmoil, pain etc which I don’t need to tell, though I have my own style either in fashion or attitude. It helped me to flourish in every step of my life with the qualities of patience, politeness, humility & it defines my persona.
My style is to wear a smile on face though I have lot of pain. A person with a smiling face and with good qualities is always different from the crowd.  So my way of dressing is always unique with a mixation of trendy fashion. My friends and colleagues call me as ‘Fashion Devil’ because I always wear something that suits me, whether it is western or traditional. I am selective in fashion, as I don’t wear everything that’s available in market or simply someone is wearing something... my dressing comforts me and suits my mood and above all gives me confidence to move ahead.
My family and friends give me a carefree soul and I adore them a lot. They loves me and my style and I have a tiny group of followers too.

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