January 30, 2015

The Journey from OR to AND

It is tough to select the right path for everyone because that single decision might change our life either good or bad. One such decision was taken by me, which is a turning point of my life.
After completing my schooling I applied for under graduate course and simultaneously I wanna study Prathmic in hindi. So I asked mom to check with the hindi master who is running a Institute. whether he could take home tuition for me.

He commented to mom that it is waste of money, educating a handicapped girl and agreed to take classes on weekends. When Mom told about this I didn’t feel bad or upset I just concentrated on studies and passed with distinction, which made him feel proud. The exam result has changed him a lot later he voluntarily came to teach me for further exams.
After studies my friends suggested me to go for job, while my parents asked me run PCO in which I was not at all interested. Business is my passion. That was the time for me to take right decision. Usually when a guy chooses his passion over commitments, it's called risk, brilliance; etc  however, when a girl does that, family neighbors tag her as stubborn, headstrong.
I have no investment or resources to start a business. At last after lot of thinking and convincing my parents I finally started recruitment consultancy with zero investment. Gradually my business picked up and got a good reputation. Then I started writing short stories for magazines. I cleared all the family debts and built a constructed a house now my family and siblings are very proud of me.

Now all my relatives and friends are happy and proud of me. As they never expected that a handicapped girl in wheel chair can achieve something like this. I hope my story gives inspiration to all the readers.

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