December 31, 2012

Rajastani rangela

Cute little Aarifa, classmate of my niece and daughter of our neighbour dressed up in Rajastani costume for her Annual celebrations in school while my niece dressed up as Marathi girl.

The Red and yellow mixed costume makes her look so pretty and cute with the traditional Rajastani jewellery.

Rangoli in white

The colour of purity

On the foggy morning of sankasti.when i selected the rangoli i got to known that we ran out of colours so I thought of this plain white rangoli to welcome the Lord my SIL have drawn this Rangoli...

December 30, 2012

Colourful colours

Hi all,
Wishing you all a happy holiday...yeah last weekend of this year 2012...hope you are all having fun
Colourful lamps are speaking in the month of Margali (December) at my doorstep.The cute butterflies are fluttering,while the lamps are lighting Bright....

December 28, 2012

Shave or crave my prince

This post is a part of the 'Shave or Crave' movement in association with
"Prabha the groom wants to meet you the park restaurant today evening"mom told when i was etting ready to office.somehow mom convinced me to meet him.

I was sitting in a restaurant waiting for him.a tall young chap came to and introduced himself as the groom.He was good looking but most of his face was covered with his beard.he had a casual chat.
he was talking about my chilhood days.then  recalled the good old school days.

when i was listening with astonishment he revealed me that he is my childhood buddy who went abroad for higher studies.
Then he asked me "How do I look now?

"Hmmm...Its a tough question indeed,because Most of your face is wrapped with your beard.I can only see your eyes"

"So will you marry me???"He raised his next question

"Hmmm" i nodded my head.

"What does this Hmmm mean?Are you thinking or reciprocating my love?" he shot another question.

"Hmmm yes baba yes" i replied.

He was so excited and jumped in joy throwing his hand in air.when he leaned forward for a hug,his bushy beard Pricked my cheek red.ahhhhhhhhh ouch.....i let out a loud cry,which dragged everyones attention towards us.That was such a embarrasing moment for him.

"I Guess you need a Razor rather than a hug or kiss right now"i murmured.

Then i showed him a clean shaved men strolling with his girl in the garden of the restaurant.then he started to move.

when can we meet next?" he asked curiously.

"After you shave your bushy beard"

"Hey you..." but he understood my feelings and from then on no more stubbling....

"Prabha wake up,its getting late"

"Oops Anothet dream huh...."i shook my head and got up to get ready for office.

This post is a part of the 'Shave or Crave' movement in association with

December 25, 2012

Roses at my threshold

Rangoli Rangoli roses...
my threshold full of flowers...

Poo Kolam

Does flowers bloom only in the plants and tress? who said  come to my house you can see the colourful roses that had blossomed in my threshold to welcome you ...

Rangoli on Christmas

Wishing all my lovable friends and readers of my blog a very happy and Merry christmas

December 14, 2012

Curly Wurly Hair Straightning...

Thank you Sunsilk

My neighbour's Daughter and my childhood friend trisha.she loves my hair more then hers,as i got a long silky hair.Her hair is short and curly.Most of the her friends call her with a nick like curly wurly,sparrow nest,springy hairy,amazon forest etc,which made her upset and made her feel jealousy of my hair.

she got a great attraction for my hair.but her astonishment slowly turned into whenever she gets an opportunity to comb my hair,she silently chops off few strands of  my hair.Initially i didnt realise that.Later i found her chopping my hair everytime she combs my to avoid this kinda situations i started  praising her hair.

she told me that her hair doesnt look good like mine,so i told her hair will look more beautiful than mine if it is straight.from then she started experimenting all kinda hair straightning methods.In those days there is no parlours avail for hair she asked me for some tips to straighten her hair. i told her to try keeping some heavy books on her hair lying on the ground or tie some heavy things to hair.She tried in that way also for a week but that didnt work out.

Then one day when went to beach she started collecting pebbles while others are collecting shells.she asked me to help her in collecting that time i wondered why is she collecting stones.

The next day when i visited her she was tying the pebbles to her hair.when i asked her the reason.she told that she is straightning her hair using the pebbles,but that also didnt work work.
again she came back to me asking for a new way.

Then i suggested her to  cellotape her hair.One day she asked whether she can iron her hair with the iron box to straighten the hair.i was shocked.but luckily we didnt try that way.

She followed all kinda silly ways to straighten her hair but nothing helped her.After trying all the silly ways finally i found a salon for her where she got her hair straightened and looked really gorgeous...

She is nomore a curly wurly.....

December 11, 2012

Birthday Rangoli

On the occasion of the Birthday of an angel,my threshold is adored with a colourful Rangoli.
That angel is none other than Prabha the Great....