December 28, 2012

Shave or crave my prince

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"Prabha the groom wants to meet you the park restaurant today evening"mom told when i was etting ready to office.somehow mom convinced me to meet him.

I was sitting in a restaurant waiting for him.a tall young chap came to and introduced himself as the groom.He was good looking but most of his face was covered with his beard.he had a casual chat.
he was talking about my chilhood days.then  recalled the good old school days.

when i was listening with astonishment he revealed me that he is my childhood buddy who went abroad for higher studies.
Then he asked me "How do I look now?

"Hmmm...Its a tough question indeed,because Most of your face is wrapped with your beard.I can only see your eyes"

"So will you marry me???"He raised his next question

"Hmmm" i nodded my head.

"What does this Hmmm mean?Are you thinking or reciprocating my love?" he shot another question.

"Hmmm yes baba yes" i replied.

He was so excited and jumped in joy throwing his hand in air.when he leaned forward for a hug,his bushy beard Pricked my cheek red.ahhhhhhhhh ouch.....i let out a loud cry,which dragged everyones attention towards us.That was such a embarrasing moment for him.

"I Guess you need a Razor rather than a hug or kiss right now"i murmured.

Then i showed him a clean shaved men strolling with his girl in the garden of the restaurant.then he started to move.

when can we meet next?" he asked curiously.

"After you shave your bushy beard"

"Hey you..." but he understood my feelings and from then on no more stubbling....

"Prabha wake up,its getting late"

"Oops Anothet dream huh...."i shook my head and got up to get ready for office.

This post is a part of the 'Shave or Crave' movement in association with

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