September 9, 2017

Grandparents day celebrations

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All these years we have celebrated many festivals and occasions. We even celebrate Valentine’s day,Bus day, Rosee day, Mothers day, Fathers day, childrens day, women's day and ofcourse senior citizens  day. Now here we celebrate the grandparents day.
My grandparents are so lovable and close to my heart and I love them so much but unfortunately i missed them two years back due to kidney failure.
I had seen her struggling for life on every dialysis treatment that she gone through. I thought she will survive for some more years as she is a strong woman with lots of will power. But God has others plans for her so she left the world leaving us in dismay. But she still remains in our heart forever. When we prepare some delicacies like Adhirasam, I remember her, because she is expert in making the sweet. On every Makar Sankranti festival she makes this tasty sweet with pure ghee and send it to Chennai through my Grandpa.

Now my kids are lucky enough for spending their childhood and growing up with their grandparents learning all the discipline that I had learnt and following the principles taught by them.
They are so close to their grand parents since from childhood. Chintu is the most lovable boy to his grand parents. Especially to his grandpa. When he was 2 years old he keeps running behind him for milk. His grandpa gets milk for him from the Aavin booth at 5.00 am and boils it. While it is boiling he keeps pestering for milk having the glass ready in hand jumping around his grandpa in kitchen. When it comes to boiling point a wide smile spreads on his face in happiness. He gulps off the milk with a great joy and sleeps off. Actually we call him catty and meow because he asks for milk whenever he feels hungry because it is easy to drink off than munching some solid food.
When he finds his granny getting ready to go to market. He will get ready wearing chappal and wait in the gate before her, he goes to the market along with her and gets some snacks and also carries the snacks Bag in his little hands. He also sleeps next to her at night and listens to the bedtime stories that she narrate with great joy which he listens with great excitement. He also goes to them for some extra pocket money or for some chocolates. Gudiya rani falls on her feet (Par cho kar) and requests for chocolates or some delicacies thats how they enjoys every moment of their childhood with their grand parents.


 Greetings done by Neha for the surprise party with a message card which expressed her love for them.

On every wedding anniversary of their grand parents we arrange a family get-together. Our kids gifts them with a hand made greeting card and a kiss, which brings them loads of happiness instead of receiving a valuable gifts presented to them. They grabs their grand children in their hands and hugs them showering kisses.

They use to celebrate their birthdays, wedding anniversary, festivals and other occasions learning every reason behind the celebration of the festivals, our culture and custom.
This year they got to know about grandparents day which falls on 10th September. So they planned to surprise them with a party so they arranged along with their cousins. They took out their pocket money which they have saved in their penny box and informed his uncle to get a cake to surprise their grandparents with a mid night party and also requested me for a Salwar from the boutique for their granny.

Gudiya Rani gifted them a beautiful hand made Greetings which was so colourful and meaning. The message that she had written in it is so meaningful which surprised me instead


I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents day and watch the below video. This post is written for the blogadda Love jatao contest sponsored by Parachute.


WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Greetings from the UK. A poignant piece. Sorry for your loss.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

winsantdotcom said...

Events like this helps in creating a beautiful society.

A happy, united and elder respecting families are the core of the society. You cannot have world peace when you don't have peace at grassroots (family) levels....