June 12, 2020

Sharing Load by Love with Love in the Lockdown

My Crucial time started on the day of India has announced Nationwide lock down due to the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the month of march 2020.

Yes, Because i was already so disturbed and depressed at that time because, all of a sudden my Mom got mild Stroke which led to Bypass surgery later. Everything happened in a very quick span of time. At the end of february, she underwent angiogram and in the first week of march she underwent bypass surgery due to blocks in the heart.

I was totally collapsed because mom is my backbone but then she is lying on bed with all kind of machines attached to her body she couldn’t able to speak. seeing her in such a state I got shattered. 

She is everything to me but now she is on bed and I am in wheelchair. I don’t know how I am going to manage office and home.

Luckily, Mom got discharged from hospital before the lockdown She became completely dull and weak and needs care. So I decided to shift her to brother's house as she needs complete rest and care after the bypass surgery.

As I went to office after long leave, the nationwide lockdown announced and things came to standstill. Everything had changed in life drastically.

For the very first time, I started leading my life without the help of Mom. Said No to maids to avoid the spread. Purchased grocery and veggies online. Completely locked inside home. All these days mom used to comb and braid my hair. I cannot raise my hands to braid due to surgeries and lot of implants in the hands and shoulders. I combed my hair and let it free but due to hot weather in Chennai it will be quite irritating due to sweating. I thought of chopping my hair into a boycut as i couldn’t manage long hair without the help of my Mom, but my husband didn’t let me to do so. He came for the rescue to tie the hair using a catchy clip. Initially the clip slips often letting the hair loose hair as he don’t know to clip the hair and it has become a hectic task for him. So I will ask him to hold the hair and twist it till the end and attach the twisted hair to the head using the catchy clip and later he learnt to tie atop bun using the clip. Practice makes a man perfect. Yeah of course, not only that my hubby helped me in chopping veggies and we will cook together with the help of induction stove and at times we even make some crunchies to munch in the evening watching tv. 

Dad used to water the plants on the terrace and helps in cleaning vessels, prepares tea and breakfast for us. We three of us managed to live without the help of others and we didn’t allowed dad outside the gate as he is in his 70s.

Washing is one the biggest task that I have to face then. Again hubby came to rescue. As I  add washing powder to the bucket of water he soaks the clothes in the soap water. Then we let it soak of a while. Once it soaks for an hour I will start to brush the clothes and wash the clothes with hands, he helps in rinsing and taking it to the terrace to let out to dry. It is really a tough task. I was planning to buy a washing machine to reduce the burden of washing, but unfortunately mom got hospitalized and underwent bypass surgery. Now we are in debts due to unexpected medical expense. My dream of purchasing washing machine still remains as a dream. Washing with hands is really a pain for a working and disabled woman like me. If my hubby is not there at this crucial moment, I might suffered much more.

Mom was doing all these things without anyone help all these years. She even washes my hair and braids it regularly. She prepares lunch for  eveyone and packs for me. but still I complain at times. but now My Hubby came to my rescue. yes... my hubby became my second mom.

After the washing part, our stomach starts grumbling, the gas stove in my house is fixed high on the top as per mom’s choice, and it is out of my reach to cook. Again hubby came to help me. I will sit in the wheelchair and guide him in the preparation and as per my instructions he started cooking for the first time in his life. Every time we cook, I will make him to pick all the required ingredients in the beginning and I will chop vegetables for the recipe and we will start cooking. All our recipes turned out good and dad enjoyed it. Sometimes salt will be less otherwise food is overall good. Dad also cooks sometimes. That’s how we managed our quarantine days.

Amongst all the work my hubby drops and picks me from office.

He is really my betterhalf… no no my best half I should say…  yes… he is my world... my life and my everything…

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