March 21, 2017

My Journey in Space

Raju received the colgate Paste from his Aunt and Immediately he opened it and cut all the space characters and started arranging it with his sister neha. He asked her sister to be an alien who comes in a UFO (unidentified Flying object)  and  lands in a open field where he is playing near  the Mango orchard with his school buddies. When they notice the flying object flying above their head very close they scared that some ghosts are about to land in the fields and left for their respective homes. But Raju the bold and playful boy stood there admiring the gigantic UFO and its different shape.

All of a sudden it landed in the field with a great thunderlike noise which shocked Raju. It was so gigantic and  out of his imagination, totally different creature came out of the big flying object which he had never seen in his lifetime. He was scared for a moment and somehow regained himself and was ready to throw away the raw mangoes on the creature if it tries to hurt him. He touched his trouser pockets to confirm the mangoes that he plucked with his buddies in the orchard. He creature moved towards him which made raju so scared. As he planned he thrown the mangoes on the alien, which was caught by the alien. The Alien tasted it and moved forward towards him biting the raw mangoes which is partly ripe. Now seeing the expression of the Alien, Raju felt relaxed and it offered him his hand. He just held his hand and it took him inside the UFO. Raju was so excited that he had never seen such a thing. It gave the costume of astronaut to Raju and helped him to wear it. Raju enthusiastically wore it happily and jumped around in the UFO and it closed the door and started its journey in the sky.
He was so surprised to see the Mango orchard and fields turning very tiny when the UFO floats high into the sky.
Raju was o thrilled floating through the stars and flying above the cotton clouds. AFter travelling for a while the UFO landed on the Space with a thud. He jumped out of it with joy. He was overjoyed to walk in space. It was like a dream for him.Then it took him to the Rover. They climbed in to the Rover and Visited each planet and Raju was so happy about the journey in space and at the end it dropped him back into his field early in the morning.

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March 13, 2017

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