August 22, 2016

Krishna Pushkaralu 2016

we planned to go on the second day of pushkaralu since the first day falls on friday which is celebrated as varalakshmi vratham. after performing pooja at home on friday. we started from Chennai central railway station on saturday morning by Lucknow express and reached the Vijayawada station by late noon. my uncle and niece were waiting for us in station. when  we got down in the railway station two young (girls) volunteers came to help us. they escorted us till we got an auto to the bathing ghats. we thanked the lovely girls and left for the river Krishnaveni.

Exit from the Railway station in Vijayawada

Pushkaram is festival of river that occurs once in 12 years and celebrated for 12 days and is celebrated with much glory.  Like we celebrated Godavari pushkaralu last year at Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh, this year Krishna Pushkaralu welcomes us to vijayawada district the hub of Krishna pushkaralu in the state of  Andhra pradesh. we reserved the tickets for my family for the pushkaralu luckily i have holidays since it falls on weekend and independence day follows the weekend. so we felt it is the best time for the holy trip.

Dad and Uncle at Durga Ghat

Pushkar Staff are maintaining the cleanliness
Pushkaralu is a festival of River Krishna which normally occurs once in every 12 years The Pushkaram is observed for a period of 12 days from the time of entry of Jupiter into Virgo (Kanya rasi). The festival is "theoretically" observed throughout the twelve months that the planet remains in that sign, but the first 12 days are considered most sacred as pushkarudu takes holy dip in the river in those days. this year (2016), the celebration of pushkaralu starts on 12 August and lasts upto 23 August 2016.

Mom at Durga Ghat after holy dip

boating in the Krishna river

Media people are covering the Pushkar

people taking holy dip

River krishna from Durga Ghat 

Look at the crowd

waiting for the cab to clim the hill top
after the holy bath in the river, we left the luggages with dad and uncle and went to take the blessings of the holy maa kanaga durga. The Goddess (Maa) is beautifully decorated with glittering ornaments and looks so gracefully holding the trident in the standing posture opposite to the durga ghat. After the having darshan we are thinking how to climb the hill for the darshan of Kanaka Durga Maathaji.The river and surroundings of all the ghats and temple are  neatly maintained.Arrangements are neatly maintained by Andhra Government. Security arrangements are well planned and  executed.

Entrance for climbing the hill 

Colourful lights ready to lit up the river

Lights decoration near the river bank.

Venkatesh and his friends
The PVP Siddartha college students who helped me in climbing the hill.

Stalls on the road opposite to Durga Ghat
Balloonwala stood on the road to sell in big and colourful fancy balloons and dresswala stood next to him.

The drummer is waiting to sell his wares by playing the drums whenever children cross that way.

the city of Vijayawada is fully decorated with colourful lights which made the city to glitter the whole 12 days and its a feast for eyes.

All in all, it was a memorable trip, which will forever be framed in our hearts for a long time. My first trip to vijayawada was wonderful and i will cherish every moment of it because of the lovely volunteers. Thank you made my trip the most cherishable one.

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