August 16, 2016

Chennai - Area names

Some history about various  area names in Chennai 

* Syed Shah Pettai has become “Saidapet”

* In 17,18-th centuries this area was under control of a Nawab and this was the garden were his horses were resting and getting fed. So it was called "Ghoda bagh"  (Horse Garden). It later became “Kodambakkam”

* Armoured Vehicles And Depot of India became “Avadi” (AVADI)

* Several Chrome leather factories in the region resulted in this area being called “Chrompet”

* This area was full of coconut trees. Therefore named as “tennampettai”. It was later changed as “Teynampet”

* Urdu word “che baug” (six gardens) became “Chepauk”.

* Saundara Pandian bazaar became “Pondy Bazaar”

* “vilva marankal” area with the flowers used for the Lord known as Mahavilvam over time has become “Mambalam”

* pallavapuram became “Pallavaram”.

* Madras Presidency head was Panagal Raja at one point and based on his name, the park was named as “Panagal Park”

* Based on name of Justice party leader Sir. Thiagarajan Chettiar, the area is known as “T Nagar”

* “Purasai” trees were in abundance in the region, leading it to be called “Purasaiwalkam”

* “Puspakavalli” in Sanskrit due to the large amount of Jasmine plants / trees in the region became “puviruntavalli” in tamil to get transformed as “Poondamali” now.

* In the 17th century, a Muslim saint who lived here 'kunankuti Mastan Sahib'. Thondi was his native town in Ramanathapuram district. Therefore, the local people called him tontiyar. That's the current areas known as “Tondiarpet”.

* Before the area was used for feeding cattle. So called as Mandai veli before becoming “Mandaveli”

* Peacock were roaming freely in the area leading it to be called Mayilai puram and later becoming “Mylapore”

* Pallavas used to conduct or wage wars in the region now known as “Porur”

* Bamboo (Perambu) trees were throughout the region was a few hundred years ago, now known as “Perambur”.

* Based on Thirusula nathar temple area became “Thirusulam”. (BTW Trident hotel name came from the same source.. Trident means Thirusulam).

* The pond with lots of lilies opposite to Parthasarathy temple was known as Thiru allikkeni  transformed itself to “Triplicane”

* Thomas Parry used to do business in this area. He gained the respect from people resulting in the name “Parry’s Corner”. That is also why it is not “Paris Corner”  

*This area had many Neem trees around a big lake in Tamil Neem+Lake is Veepa+yeri this is now called Vepery

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