August 28, 2015

Varalakshmi vratham

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous varalakshmi viratham to all
Let Goddess varalakshmi shower
Blessings on you
and your family
On this auspicious day
Happy varalakshmi vratham...

August 13, 2015

Kaaval Deivam

I was born and bought up in Chennai. Hence i always wish to see the god Ayyanar riding his horse. I have seen the deity Ayyanar only in films. Recently while chatting with one of my friend I told about my wish of seeing the statues of Ayyanar.

        The next day I have received these Beautiful snaps of Ayyanar captured by my friend from his native near villupuram, which is kept in his own farm. The Eyes of the Deities are not yet opened. It will be opened on an auspicious day.

Village deities are found in all villages of Tamilnadu.  They are known as Kaval deivam or guardian spirits in Tamil. 

One such deity is Ayyanar. Ayyanar shrines are usually located at the peripheries or boundaries of rural villages. Ayyanar is often pictured with a sword riding an elephant, horse, bull or tiger fighting against demons and evil gods that are threatening the village and the deity is seen riding a horse. Weapons such as a trident or a lance are also associated with the shrine. The festivals of Ayyanars are celebrated in Sacred Groves during spring season by all the related clan.

In Tamil Nadu, Ayyanar  God is worshipped in open grounds surrounded by trees holds an important position in the local villages.
In the festive season, Folk Tales like Koothhu and Folk arts like Villupattu are enacted to bring out the message of the Ayyanar folk story to one and all.

Shakti Karagam

On Saturday (08.08.15) Shakti Karagam took possession in our Streets. Luckily i was on leave that day, and so i clicked the pictures of the Shakti Karagam and the drum players who came along playing the instruments.

My Niece Neha helped in clicking few snaps of the Shakti Karagam in the midest of offering prayers and taking blessings.

Shiv Lingam

I have Bought this tiny Shiv Lingam in Sri Kalahasti when visited the place. I just loved the tiny lingam made out of glass with blue hue.

Santa on the Road

In the month of December when i went write the exam in Tambaram i have seen the Santas on the road singing and dancing and cheering up the People on the road in performing their Christmas carols.

My Brother Clicked the Photos on the drive...

August 8, 2015

Crocodile Park

Ánother kids day out to crocodile park. my Nephews enjoyed a lot.

Two Little toddlers

Watching the deer

Calling another nephew to see the deer

On the hills of Tirupati

Pen Drive

Science Exhibition at School