December 30, 2014

Well groomed Handsome

My neighbour Ritika aunty son satish is very charming and adorable in his school days and we were childhood friends. Later his father go transferred to Hardoi a city in Uttar Pradesh. Thus they left Chennai and i got to know that satish joined in a residential school in Nainital.
As the days passed by we lost contact with them. Later on I grown up and completed my studies and joined in a job. In my office i saw a guy who was quite stubble with a shabby look. I didn’t like neither his look nor i liked to speak with him.
         My parents started to see a groom for me through a wedding broker. They picked few of the grooms pictures with decent back ground given by the broker and shoved on me.
Though i was not interested to marry at that time i just flipped through the photos. A well groomed handsome guy grabbed my attention. I liked his appearance and selected him without a second thought.
He came to see me on a fine day with his family, then they have told that he too works in the same office where i work and he knows me well. Then only i realised that i fell in love with the same guy whom i never preferred to have a look because of his stubble face and the most happiest thing is that he is none other than my childhood sweetheart satish. Yes the same Ritika aunty’s son.
        Colourful butterflies started fluttering around me and i felt singing like “ippadi oor nalluravu vaaiththiduma? Veettu kulle vinmeengal poothiduma”
        Thats how my sweetheart stolen my little heart, with well groomed appearance.

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