December 7, 2014

Say No to Pre-Marital Sex

It is essential to teach our young ones about sex before marriage and it is our duty to create awareness among young girls to school kids.

One day while having a girly talk with my niece who is a college goer then telling about her male friends. Then i told her that you do whatever you want and enjoy to the core but when it comes to the three letter word called SEX, Just say NO to pre-marital sex.

Many people may tell you to have sex before you get married, because of the fast growing living together culture and you might be influenced by the romance novels, you would see the blushing heroine seduced by the dashing hero, and they have sex and then babies, and marriage is involved somewhere there, but pre – marital sex is not good.

Sex and Marriage are two different entities and they should not be mixed. It is our culture to “save yourself” till you get married, for which the the whole world bows its head. Sex is just a part of life, which you can enjoy after marriage till then

enjoy life until you meet your Prince charming who would really not care who you have been with, because he/she will see you for who you are, with all your good, bad, ugly, fun, beautiful, flaky, creative, boring, wonderful bits, and love all of you. As i ended my speech with a full stretch she felt happy and headed out to do some gardening.

This post is written  in response to Indiblogger's Question YES or NO to Pre-marital sex, with Poonam Uppal’s True Love A Passionate Gospel of True Love - A Mystical True Love Story  Check out her book today."

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