December 7, 2014

Be Clean & Keep Clean

India, the most prosperous and developed nation of the world, which is rich in all the resources, which envied the foreign nations for clean, clear and pure surroundings. but now it seems like loosing its glory. but we ourselves have the solution for this problem. We, every Indian is responsible for our Present situation and we are capable of making our future bright and Glorious like before. 

Our Mother land is quite precious. we have to pass it to our next generation in a better shape, which we got from our ancestors. We became lazy and so we shirk our duties so easily just by blaming others for these problems. 

A Neighbour of mine is one such person who stand in her balcony to brush her teeth and spit the litter on the road, whenever she buys fish she makes  the vendor to clean it and throws away the waste on the road, it wont end up with that she throws away the leftover food etc on the road. not only that we pollute the natural resourses like air, water and soil. 

Soil Pollution: we dump solid waste like littering plastic bags-bottles, plaster of Paris statues, pesticides and then reluctantly there are epidemics like Dengue, Plague etc and we hold the government responsible for this.

Air Pollution: Carbon - di - Oxide and carbon mono oxide emitting from vehicles, bursting fire-crackers, burning of tyres on festivals

Water Pollution: we dump industrial waste into Rivers and Oceans. 

Sanitation and hygiene begin at our Homes and spread over to public places. Our children learn hygienic habits from us. It is our duty to teach our children good sanitation and hygiene habits.our good hygiene and sanitation practice will surely transform India at large for the better environment and brighter future.

                                                                Banega Swachh India! 

RB (formerly known as Reckitt Benckiser) has partnered with NDTV and Facebook to launch “Dettol – Banega Swachh India” – a 5 year ambitious program to address the rising need of hygiene and sanitation in India. The campaign will aim at creating awareness about the importance of hygiene and sanitation, and also work with NGO partners to support infrastructure for construction and maintenance of toilets. RB India has committed to spend a sum of Rs.100 crores towards this program over a period of the next 5 years.' 

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This post is written as part of ' Banega Swachh India' campaign with
                                   (Dettol , NDTV and IndiBlogger )

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