September 8, 2014

Road Trip to Kancheepuram

It was a happy Road trip with family to Kancheepuram. we drove through the NH4 towards Kancheepuram and First headed to Varadha raja Perumal Temple which is well known as Balli (Lizard)Temple because there is a golden lizard and a silver lizard in the temple. 

There is a pond inside the temple. we shoved some puffed rice to the fishes in the pond.
My niece is watching the fishes gobbling the puffed rice thrown by us.

Watching the fishes 

A white horse was peacefully having its meal while we clicked some pictures here and there.
Grazing at ease
The Museum is beautifully sculpted out of Rock with intricate designs.
Beautifully sculpted out of rock



                  Bullet wood Flower / Magilampoo / Mimusoopi enengi

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