July 3, 2014

Yummy Yummy Food

It was a cool rainy evening when children wanted to eat something hot. thinking of what to do i searched here and there for a while. thought of making noodles first,but only one packet was left there. so i picked up macaroni.then i let it to boil my nephew made way to kitchen asking me what am i preparing for him. i told him macaroni. then he questioned that what will i add next seeing me chopping veggies i said i will add red tomatoes and greeny capsicum. then he raised another question .if you add tomatoes and capsicum what will happen? i looked at him smiling and told him then i will some spices to make it tastier... he continued his question session "then what will happen?" then your dish will be ready to taste so you go now and play with others i will bring it to you when its ready" i answered. still he didnt go.he kept watching me preparing it till the end and waiting for me to serve him first.

finally when i served him he was all smiles... the kids swiped off their plates...
This entry is written for the Indiblogger Borosil contest..

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