July 4, 2014

Trip to Kalahasti

My weekend trip to Kalahasti is another memorable trip. I started on saturday evening by bus along with mom and niece. we reached there by 8.pm and went to my aunt's place. resting in their house that night.

Nandiyavattai / Crape Jasmine
My Niece plucked few crape jasmine flowers from the plant in my Aunt house and we offered those flowers to god and made our prayers before leaving to temple.

On the way to temple we also went to another small temple which is named as Bangaramma temple. adjacent to the temple there is a Gigantic statue of Hanuman.which made me to click the pic.

Entering in to temple with her Granny

My Mom, the Angel in the temple


Inside the temple

Mom and Niece

A few clicks at the kalahasteeswara temple while waiting for Raahu kethu pooja. The name sri kalahasti is named after three sincere devotees of Lord Eshwar, the Spider(Sri), Snake (Kala) the elephant(hasti) is neatly pictured here through this wonderful art.

Little heart posing happily

SRI - means Sprider

KALA - means Snake

HASTI - means Elephant



The story of the Hunter Kanappa who offered his eyes to lord shiva in shivlinga form is very neatly and beautifully sculpted here...


The replica of lord Kalahasteeswara worshipped by Kala & Hasti
The replica of lord kalahasteeswara and the snake and elephant offering prayers snanding in opposite directions...

my cousin 

Kid posing for my camera
This kid was wandering around in the temple and posed for my camera with a great enthu.

The devotees waiting in the queue at the entrance of Raahu - kethu Mandap.

Few more clicks after the darshan. my Darling posing with Krishna deva raya, who had built this temple.

On the rocks behind the temple

coming out after darshan

A devotee outside the temple standing under the Hanuman statue

On the way, back to chennai...

The beautiful silhouette of the dusk...at last i am back to pavilion along with mom and niece with a satisfaction of having a pleasant darshan and spent time with my cousins...

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