May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Mom
I Love you Alot...

May 3, 2014

Rang Rang Rangoli

I am happy to post these Beautiful rangolis. The first one is drawn by my niece in her Rangoli competition conducted in her school. She won First Prize for the Rangoli.

Rangoli Done by Niece
 when Rangoli competition was announced in her school. she immediately told me to help her get selected in the first round. then i selected this Rangoli design for her and taught her in drawing the pattern using the dots which is mandatory for the contest. This time she had put more effort to win the first Prize as she won the prize last year too. This year we planned to decorate with flowers in the Finals.

As she got Selected for the final Competition. she practised well and i sent her some Marigold flowers to decorate the Rangoli. As i taught she have done the Rangoli well and won the First Prize.

when Mom went to pick her she have taken mobile from her and clicked all the Rangolis done by her and her schoolmates.

Rangoli done by Arifa

Photography by my Niece

Click Click

We bought a new Bolero Jeep for our office. i tried to capture the sleeping dog happily resting under the shadow of the jeep.but i  couldnt capture it due to the shadow
New Jeep For Our Department

Decorated Jeep

Girly Stuff