January 22, 2014

Fresh Tomatoes from my Garden

I have a very cute kinder garden on my terrace. My parents takes great care of all the plants and spends a valid time with them. Now a days I get least  time due to hectic work and higher studies. So i visit my garden only on weekends.

Recently my parents had sowed some tomato seeds which grown out into a beautiful plant and started flowering when i visited few days back.

This week all the flowers had turned into a cute green Tomatoes. Me and Niece were eagerly wating for the green tomato to ripe.

when i returned home today evening my Niece insisted me to have a look at the garden. So we went upstairs. there i found this cute red  cherry Tomato.

Then immediately i clicked few pictures of the Red tomato. My Niece is very excited and she held the tomato with her hand and posed for the picture.

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