January 31, 2014

Bronze Bronzy

I never paid paid much attention to the bronze ear rings until i bought a feather ear rings,which is clasped with a broze hook. That bronze clasp gave a beautiful look on the pink feather and it has drawn Everyone's attention. I just fallen in love with the bronze ear rings. So i was looking out for some bronze Ear rings for quite some time. I found many in the market but they didnt attract me as those seem like a regular ones.i was hunting for a simple and antique pieces so that it would look unique and dangle to and fro when i wear.

Bronze Leaf with Pearl Ear ring

In that way i found the facebook page of Pink Pearls  and liked the above ear rings which caught my attention as it looked simple yet fancy Leaf and Pearl combo ear ring and the cute swan ear ring which looked so elegant. So i ordered it without a second thought and was waiting for the delivery.Today i felt so happy and got those earrings in my hand.

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