November 15, 2013


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When my niece told me about the project which her class teacher asked her to submit the very next day.She said we have to draw a Zebra and decorate it with cereals,pulses or grains. I was quite tired with hectic work in office and felt like sleeping immediately. So Asked her '' why is your class teacher always  gives homework to parents rather than you students?"

"Badima ,Its very simple you draw a Zebra and struck pulses on it.Thats all"She said it so easily. After listening to her,The very first thing struck in my mind is sesame seeds. So i called upon her classmate's mom to check whats in her mind? she told that she is using Urad dhal. then i discussed about my idea which she felt as better idea then her.

With a clear idea I sketched out the outline of the zebra and glued out Black & White til (Sesame seeds) on the picture. The picture turned out pretty good. So here is the project ready to be submitted.

Zebra made out of Black & white Sesame

November 1, 2013

Happy Diwali

May the auspicious festival of lights brighten every corner of your world with glamoring moment of HAPPINESS. Wishing Everyone a very Happy & Safe Diwali.