October 12, 2013

Fruit Kabab

It was a rainy night. I was preparing for a Presentation for a meeting till late night.Hunger struck me at the mid night. Everyone was Sleeping, So I explored into the Kitchen to find some food.Nothing was left out that particular night. Luckily i found some fruits in the fridge. Anything direct from the fridge will cause cold to me. So i planned of heating the fruits.

Yeah you heard it right.Iam gonna heat the fruits...

So i took the apple and Kiwi and chopped it into bite size cubes.Then i took a skewer and lined up apple cube,grape,kiwi,strawberry and apple into the skewer. Then switched on the stove and added little butter and heated my fruit kebab for while then poured a generous spoons of honey on the fruit kebab which gave a glossy look.then finally seasoned with a pinch of  chat masala.

Now my Hot and fruity honey dripping kebab is ready to fill my tummy.
It is very easy to Prepare and i felt quite filling...

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