October 15, 2013

Chef of the Day

It was one fine lazy evening my Brother came along with his sweet toddler. He was so adorable and playing around. and suddenly he said "Attamma pasikkudhu" hearing that my bro said in a amused voice  "Akka,he didnt had anything from morning.feed him something "
i was shocked as i have only rice is there and no  curry or curd is left out as i had few visitors that day. So i thought of making a ghee rice first then an idea struck me. so immediately i fried the cashews,almondds,peanuts and raisins then added the cooked rice and litte water to moisten the rice then cooked for a while and generously  poured honey and gave a nice stir.then my creative dish Honey rice is ready to taste...

my Sweet little Nephew licked off the plate making my brother surprised. "We tried all sort of since morning but he didnt touched any but here he is licking the plate ka. I will bring him here daily akka " he said in a surprise tone...

My Doodle recipe is a part of Easy Doodle Recipe contest at BlogAdda.com in association with TastyKhana.com

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