August 23, 2013

Tamil typing in two hours

Asusual i was busy in my office work at my desk.My collague viji came to me and asked me to close my work as it was already 2.00pm for lunch break.meanwhile two of our office assistants joined with her and so i closed the files and got ready to have lunch i too was feeling hungry.

while having lunch Viji asked me "Do you know tamil typing? ". "Yes" i answered casually without expecting the reason behind that question.Post lunch i got busy with my work again.In the evening Viji came back to me and said "I got a good news"she said excitedly.

"Good news?whats that???"i questioned innocently.

"You know,You are the only person who knows Tamil typing in this whole department.I informed our project manager,he was quite happy that you know tamil typing."

she continued "See how i improved your cadre" she said lifting her collar and went back to work,leaving me in great shock,because i am not a typist and i never learnt Tamil typing.i will type in my blog. if i type in english it comes in tamil.In that way i used type but i never tried typing using the tamil fonts.I felt so bad.The next day is friday so i dont have any time to learn also.

Meanwhile my another collague Menaga came and asked "prabha,you know tamil typing ah? from tomorrow onwards you come to that room.Sir told"that words are like a bolt from the blue sky.

I just nodded my head with a smile, as a reply.My head started spinning like a spinning mill.I dont know how iam going to face that but i have to.i cannot take back my words.

My collague Sendhaamrai said "you are multi talented yarh.we are happy that you knew tamil typing"

I finished my work and returned home by 8.00pm.After reaching home i checked whether i have tamil fonts in my system.luckily i have amudham fonts in my pc as my old student has given me the fonts for doing her project last year.It gave a bit relaxation.

after teaching my niece and made her to sleep i sat with the laptop. I started learning tamil typing using the tamil fonts.My brother commented "You cant learn it over night Akka".when i told my friend what has happened "she also suggested to tell the truth that i dont know tamil typing,else i will be in trouble.

Iam not ready to take back my words.Even i know its tough but its possible.I firmly belied on myself and started taking notes.then i tried to type tamil words in the magazine.I worked for two hours and felt slept off.

In the next morning while starting to office my brother told that iam going to fail as no one can't learn tamil typing in a single she asked to tell the truth.My friend called up and suggested the same.

"Hard work pays"i replied
She thought iam crazy but i had enough confidence on myself and iam sure its not a over confidence.

I copied the fonts in my pen drive and left.I went to office praying that no one should ask me to type that day.The next day is saturday which is off for me so i can practice on saturday and sunday i thought.but things won't happen as we expect.when i entered office,anu mam was readily waiting for me with few papers in hand to type.I was shocked but didnt express my inner feelings.I told her.

"Mam, I cannot type fastly as i lost touch long back.I will type very slow" i lied blankly with loads of silent prayers.

"No issues,Its a boon that you know tamil typing and we are all  happy about it,because no one knows tamil typing in this whole department so take your own time to complete the work." her pleasing reply soothed my fear..

I started typing slowly with silent prayers to my lord ganesha. In the beginning i was slow in typing checking my notes every now and then.later my typing speed i typed well and finished up all the typing work before lunch time and gave her the copy of print out along the soft copy,copied in her pen drive with a breath of relax.She thanked me and left.

My friend called me in the lunch time to ask how is my typing work going on? when i said it was a grand success she couldnt believe. She said "i didnt expect that you can make it yarh"

I said "even i didnt expect that i can make it up to this extent"

I felt so happy about my success in typing.from then i increased my typing speed.My practice made me perfect and i kept my word that i knew typing.Yes i know tamil typing now...Thats how i learnt typing in one night and became a star in my office.

With a little bit of hard work and tons of interest and lotta self confidence and above all the blessings of God made it possible.

Iam happy that i kept my word and i learnt one thing that i shouldn't take such risk again.

Somehow all is well that ended up well with a great success.

Thanks to Viji.


Thuy said...

Wao, I really admire you. This makes inspiration to me. I should also try to learn new things with enthusiasm like you. Thanks

Prabhavathi said...

Thank you Dear thuy...
You already have lotta talent and skills dear