August 3, 2013

My ultimate driving experience

Our class teacher has announced a jolly trip to Kone falls.everyone was happy about the trip and paid the for the trip.when i said iam not coming for the teacher insisted me to come so i paid the fees,but didnt plan to go as i cannot i dont want to trouble anyone by joining the trip.

On the day of the picnic i got a call fom my principal to join the picnic as few of my best buddies are crying for me seeing absence so he asked me to join the trip.then my uncle said he will take me in his car so we asked them to move.then we started our journey by car and drived for some distance and then handed over the wheel to my uncle and enjoyed the view of the city.

we joined with our bus and my uncle left me with my friends.Then only my friends stopped crying and i was so happy for having such a wonderful friends.In the bus we all enjoyed singing,my friends and teachers danced all the way to the falls.

after reaching Kone falls my friends took me in wheel chair and carried me with the wheel chair like a queen in the pallaquin one the steps up to the falls.there i enjoyed splashing water on friends and teachers.the again they took me to the falls to have a bath.

the peaceful atmosphere with a gushing music of the falls was a feast to of our classmate's bag was taken away by a monkey.he ran behind the monkey to get his stuff was very funny to see him chasing the monkey on the rocks running up and down the hill.atlast he managed to get his things back from the monkey with the help of our group by making some tricks.

Then we all had a wonderful lunch provided by our school with our loving buddies sharing snacks and juices.the we roamed around taking photographs.

My classmates carried me with the wheel chair up to the falls and down to the bus.Iam thankful to my friends Latha,Usha Nandhini,Jagadha,Malliga for carrying me with their hands for climb the bus and grateful to the friends Ramesh,Kumar and few others for carrying wheel chair to the falls.In the evening we returned back home with those wonderful sweet memories.This is the best trip of my life which remains fresh in my mind for ever.

Thank you friends for making my trip so wonderful....

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