August 15, 2013

Damaged cup that broke my Heart

Indiblogger asked us to raise our voice for the awareness contest.  Ring The Bell  so i have written Ring the bell of awereness for women

As a Token of appreciation they have sent this beautiful coffee mug through bluedart courier.I didnt expect anything from Indiblogger but when they announced about sending this cup,i was happy and eagerly waiting for it.

yesterday the courier person called me and intimated about the courier and i confirmed him about my address.i was eagerly waiting to see the cup so after reaching home i asked my mom about the courier and opened  the parcel with a great anticipation.but i was shattered to see a broken cup fully cracked.

The cup was so beautiful but i received it in this condition.My heart broke off seeing the condition of the cup.I called up the courier guy to enquire but what can the poor guy do???


Renie Ravin said...

So sorry that you got the mug in this condition. :-(

We'll make sure that you get another one, this time in one piece!

Prabhavathi said...

Thank you Renie