June 19, 2013

Ring the bell of awarness for women

Received this Beautiful Mug

India is a land of prosperity,where women goddess is prayed with great respect.We named the rivers after woman.In early days woman has been dependent on fathers, husbands and sons the women of our country suffer from lack of education, financial independence and empowerment.now only after sufferings of many years women came out of the cacoon.They are havig the education and working on their own.but due to recent events of violence against women around the country.Parents are afraid to send their daughters outside.Women afraids to go alone.Every day we are hearing news of gang rapes and child auses.whats the reason behind all this continuous incidents... Lack of awareness.yes...you heard it right it is lack of awareness.women doesnt know their own strength.They have always been treated as weeker sex. In our country there are some deep rooted stupid rules for girls.They were  brought up to obey the males in their family.

Everday we are witnessing a child abuse,gang rape,child marriage,domestic abuse,eve-teasing in news.All this rutal incidents happens only to women.I always believe that a woman should stand for herself and for a woman as we know the pain,physically and emotionally.

It was  tough scary and difficult when i stood up and raised the voice for a women in the beginning. not only me everyone should raise their voice against violence on women.

So come Lets join hands with the Indichange  to raise the voice for women with Bell Bajao

Ring The Bell, Bell Bajao


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