June 30, 2013

On a rainy day

On a rainy day ritu saw her under a tree near the pile of garbage wearing a torn saree.Immediately she recognised her step mother malini who sent her to orphanage.
She went near her.
"Ma...I am ritu.come lets go home"
She grabbed her mother’s hand and called for a auto.Malini’s eyes welled up in shame.

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June 21, 2013

My Gourmet Party

My angel my Mom's birthday is around the corner.This is the perfect time to host a surprise birthday party with family and friends.Unfortunately i am sick for sometime by then kitchens of india came to my rescue to host a wonderful party.

i want to celebrate her birthday in a special way in a special place so that it will always remain a prfect birthday ever.we have our anstreal mango orchard.i with the help of my cousins decorated the one part of the orchard with the balloons and festoons.bought my moms favourite fresh cream chocolate cake,then made phulkhas to serve with mughalai paneer and rice to serve with chicken dharbari and tasty hyderabadi chicken biryani mix from kitchens of india i got moong dal halwa and hazoori petha halwa to sweeten the tastebuds

Then finally more and more glasses of mango juice and mango salad to end the party...

It was a wonderful party that was enjoyed by everyone,especially my darling mom...
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June 19, 2013

Ring the bell of awarness for women

Received this Beautiful Mug

India is a land of prosperity,where women goddess is prayed with great respect.We named the rivers after woman.In early days woman has been dependent on fathers, husbands and sons the women of our country suffer from lack of education, financial independence and empowerment.now only after sufferings of many years women came out of the cacoon.They are havig the education and working on their own.but due to recent events of violence against women around the country.Parents are afraid to send their daughters outside.Women afraids to go alone.Every day we are hearing news of gang rapes and child auses.whats the reason behind all this continuous incidents... Lack of awareness.yes...you heard it right it is lack of awareness.women doesnt know their own strength.They have always been treated as weeker sex. In our country there are some deep rooted stupid rules for girls.They were  brought up to obey the males in their family.

Everday we are witnessing a child abuse,gang rape,child marriage,domestic abuse,eve-teasing in news.All this rutal incidents happens only to women.I always believe that a woman should stand for herself and for a woman as we know the pain,physically and emotionally.

It was  tough scary and difficult when i stood up and raised the voice for a women in the beginning. not only me everyone should raise their voice against violence on women.

So come Lets join hands with the Indichange  to raise the voice for women with Bell Bajao

Ring The Bell, Bell Bajao


June 1, 2013

Smiling Beauty

                                                 Recently i met a woman with a beautiful smile who showered loads of love on me...she was so happy to pose for me

Once Community hall,now Dumping ground

Community Hall at MMDA Colony in Arumbakkam

Can anyone guess where this Dingy building is in???hmmm any guesses??? ok let me tell you its in the great metropolitan chennai city only.This Community hall situated at MMDA colony main road,near the  MMDA Colony Bustand,Arumbakkam,chennai - 600106.

Debris that piled up
This hall is once used as a marriage hall,which was beautifully decorated with colorful flowers everyday to welcome a couple who is getting into a lifetime relationship called marriage, with the blessings of their near and dear ones.Many social funtions were celebrated here with a great joy.Ten years before state govt sealed this building due to some official issues.From then public started throwing away garbages and some dumping away the debris while passer by men started using this place as their rest room to urinate.This place has totally become dumping ground now.

Its really a tough time for the residents around this place as 24 hours men used to rush here to urinate.It is quite disturbing for the near by residents so they fenced around the community hall at their own risk but still people didnt stop coming here.Some people turned this place as a bar by bringing alchohol bottles and enjoying their drink in this place and throw away the bottles there itself and go home.

Above all in rainy season rain water stagnates in this place and has become a breeding place for mosquitos and other reptiles.This has become a big nuisance to the residants residing around this place,they are worried that many diseases may spread so they tried to bring this issue to the notice of the government many times by approaching local politicians and media people.But of no use.

Back side view
Though its on the main road of MMDA COLONY,where many election campaign is taking place in front of this community hall,Many political leaders are attending the campaign passing through this road.I dont know how these people forgot to notice this place...

Debris along with Garbages

Community hall back side view

Using it for Parking

Fenced by residents

Community hall at MMDA,ARUMBAKKAM

He is using it as a open toilet


Smile of India

I have started the smile of india series.here is a smiling face.a click while he was digging for a crab.