May 20, 2013

Modern healthcare that touches lives

Thank you apollo for this modern pen drive

In olden days people are not aware of the diseases and its treatment.most people depend on ayurvedic medicines.Only very few people are aware of allopathy medicines ad treatment.People who lived in cities are no exemption.

Unlike olden days we are in fast moving life.Every day we are discovering new diseases as well as medicines for these dreadly disesases.

Iam one example for that.eventhough being in metro city like chennai, my parents are not aware of polio vaccination.So i got affected by the disease.

As this happened in just 70's.It took six months for the physicians to diagnose the fever as polio. by the time they have diagnosed my limbs has became very week.

but today modern health care has developed alot and has touching our lives with new inventions and with better treatment. I read in a magazine that polio has been completely eradicated from india.I am happy to see polio free country.Its all because of modern health care.

There is no doubt,that modern heath care that touches many lives today....

This post is written as an entry to the Indiblogger contest 'How does modern healthcare touch lives?' in association with Apolo Hospitals .