April 2, 2013

My Dad my Super Hero

Blogadda has asked us bloggers to write about a man who stood up for a woman with courage and integrity.

The very first persons whom i remembered is My Dad.Yes He is my hero...no no...I can say super hero.

When i was born My dad and mom was so happy.Later i was attacked  by dreadly disease called as  polio and got completely bedridden.if a girl child is born people feel pity for the parents,If she is handicapped means do i need to tell how people will react???BUT my dad and mom took care of me so well and my dad gave moral support to me and my mom.He stood by me every minute with my mom in taking care of me in hospital for months.He supports and helps my mom too.he cooks food,sweeps,washes dishes and takes care of my siblings when i was hospitalized.He even brings the food to hospital for me and mom in the busy schedule of his office work.

My parents take care of me like an angel.They told me the stories of being bold and asked me to be bold.When i grow up,every minute my dad supported me in my studies.He used to tell my siblings to take care of me and love as I am not only their sibling."Your sister is a God's own child,god sent her for you.so you should never hurt her"

He stood by me in every point of my life...he gave me enough freedom to study and do my business too. My Papa is the best...he is the soldier who stood by me in my life

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