September 14, 2012

No more Soakinggg....

"What do you think of when you hear the words - Soak No More! Do you feel that you're soaked in work and the daily grind? Or do you always find yourself soaked in rain when you need it the least? You could write a story, a poem or narrate an incident - get crazy and get creative!" A contest Hosted by Surf Excel Matic on Indiblogger."

Th word Soaking reminds many things like soaking in Rain,Love,affection etc to others but to me it reminds me of my here is goes like this....

Soaked in Fear
 I was born as a normal child and was walking normal until i got attacked by polio.After treatment and physiotheraphy i was able to walk with the help of a stick.One of my school teacher seen me struggling to walk with a stick so she suggested my parents to consult a known doctor for further treatment so that i can walk normally.My parents are so happy so they admitted me in hospital.doctors told us that i need to undergo few surgeries.I got very scared,but my parents convinced me explaining me about the outcome of surgeries.Five Major surgeries were done continuously.I underwent all the painful surgeries.Me and my parents were eagerly waiting for the Bandages to be removed.But the doctors fixed date for another surgery,which shocked me.when we asked them the reason,they told, its necessary to make me walk.So another painful surgery i underwent with a hope.

Soaked in Frustration & Anger
After the surgery the doctors told that it got failed so i need to undergo few more surgeries,which means another six months i have to in bed and we cannot expect the positive results too.I lost hope in them and their treatment.The worst part is my condition became more worst than earlier.i lost the strength in my legs to stand.My life has been shifted to wheel chair.I got totally soaked in frustration.

I couldnt able to tolerate the pain and frustration.Life on wheels is an unexpected one,but i have to...tears welled from eyes but i have no option as my parents tried all the positive ways to cure me,but in vain.only tears remained.I couldnt able to concentrate in parents were upset seeing my condition.eventhough iam soaked in tears and pain i couldnt cry in front of my tears will make them feel guilt for my i stopped crying but its not the solution for my issues.

worrying or crying wont take me decided to continue my studies.I concentrated on my studies and passed my board exams with flying is too far from my place so i joined in through distance education so that i can work and earn something for my i started taking tuitions for school students.After completion of my graduation,my friends were started hunting for job.Everyday we discuss about the experience of attending interviews.Two of my friends got job in a small company while others were still in the hunting of my friend's uncle asked me to refer my friends for front office people for his i refered my friends to join in the boutique.

All my friends joined in job except me.I dont want to trouble someone daily to take me to the interviews.while i was thinking of what to do???i got an idea of Recruitment consultancy.So i started my consultancy with Zero experience and experience.From then No more soaking in my life...i was successfully giving jobs to the i am happy and satisfied.No more Soaking in Pain...

This is post is written for the Indiblogger Soak no more Contest...
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pistaboy said...


I just went through your blog. First of all, your ideas are really impressive and then the language is pretty decent. Though here and there I find little typos and grammar inconsistencies, Its okay, your blog is nice only from the technical aspects.

Apparently, your blog's title is not on par with the blog's design. It gives a tad look, despite your good writing. Change your blog's outlook.

And I'm so so so impressed with your Thamizh poetry. Miga Nandru :)

Continue blogging, continue writing!




I will be happy if you see my blog too!

Prabhavathi said...

Hi pista boy,welcome to my space.i will proof read and correct the typo errors.thank you.will check your blog