August 31, 2012

My dream to visit Melbourn

Won Pen Drive as a Participation gift for the article

This post is a part of Indiblogger contest... to know about Melbourn visit the link

After seeing the contest i was just thinking what to write???thinking so i slept off.when i woke up there was a fairy near my bed.When i looked at her with a puzzle.she spread her hand saying, "Its your time to visit Melbourne now..."

I gave a more puzzled look pulling off the blanket.she pulled my hand and in no time we were flying crossing lands and oceans.she first took me to the Queen victoria market where we had hearty meal.then we flown in air again but this time in hot air ballon.It was so thrilling while flying in the balloon.everything looked tiny from the balloon.then we went to the cricket stadium.

after having a lovely visit to statium we started to fly to our next destination..."Prabha prabha"wake up..courier has come for you..."mom tapped me...

the paper on the table was flipping in the air.
"oh ma...i was visiting melbourne happily,but you invened inbetween"

"coffee is getting cold have it and go...he is waiting there..." 

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