August 31, 2012

My dream to visit Melbourn

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After seeing the contest i was just thinking what to write???thinking so i slept off.when i woke up there was a fairy near my bed.When i looked at her with a puzzle.she spread her hand saying, "Its your time to visit Melbourne now..."

I gave a more puzzled look pulling off the blanket.she pulled my hand and in no time we were flying crossing lands and oceans.she first took me to the Queen victoria market where we had hearty meal.then we flown in air again but this time in hot air ballon.It was so thrilling while flying in the balloon.everything looked tiny from the balloon.then we went to the cricket stadium.

after having a lovely visit to statium we started to fly to our next destination..."Prabha prabha"wake up..courier has come for you..."mom tapped me...

the paper on the table was flipping in the air.
"oh ma...i was visiting melbourne happily,but you invened inbetween"

"coffee is getting cold have it and go...he is waiting there..." 

August 27, 2012

Wedding Anniversary

Wishing my sweet parents a very happy wedding you Mom and Dad...

August 26, 2012

Love or Arranged????

                                                  A real story of a known person
Every one has a dream about their marriage.Ravi,an human resourse professional too dreamt of his soulmate with loads of expectations and wishes.Some prefers Love marriage and some prefers arranged marriage.According to indian culture,arranged marriages are considered to be the best for perfect relationship.
Ravi's parents had showed him the photo of the bride they had seen for him.He was told that,they have analsyed about the girls family background,financial background,education and etc etc...anyhow he didnt love anyone so he agreed to have a lifetime commitment with the girl,with the tag of so called as 'Arranged marriage' Married life was smooth only for an year later it turned out to be bitterAll his dreams about married life got shattered by his wife.she was so adamant and arrogant.they are blessed with a baby boy but that doesnt make any difference in her.still he adjusted for the sake of his son.she wanted to live a hi-five life.ravi couldnt able to fulfill her expectations and so she is...He got compromised for many things but things became worse for at some point of time they decided to split...

She gave him divorce taking a got relieved  from the stress of marriage which he had undergone for around ten years.

He was forced for re-marriage.but this time he was clear about \his marriage,before getting in to the wedlock he wanted to love and understand someone and marry.He fell in love with a girl who met his expectations so they decided to marry.This time also fate played in his life.Luckily before they get married she ran way with someone biding him goodbye and giving him some silly reasons for her doings.

So according to me whether its a love or arranged marriage, their should be a real love,mutual understanding and trust between the couples for a successful marriage.

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August 24, 2012

Soak No More....cleans many more

Naughty kids in the garden
Jumping out on the sand
Playing hide and seek
having lots of fun

Building castles
with the mud,
Hands are muddy
Clothes are Dirty

Mom sees beating beating,
dont worry
let us soak.,

Surf Excel se
Soak no more
cleans many more...

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August 22, 2012

Kinder garden

Sharing some of the pictures of my kinder garden here....

White crysanthemum

A bunch of pink roses
red beauty

Chillies in my garden


August 10, 2012

Happy krishna janmastami....

Wishing you all a very happy krishna janmastami....

August 2, 2012