April 29, 2012

My Experience with a Biker

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Like every woman has a passion for sarees and jewellery,likewise men has a passion for bikes and biking.My brother is not an exception.

He is a rash driver and none of his friends beat him in biking.he got such a passion for bike riding.From his childhood,he takes our dad’s bike and drives in his absence.sometime he hits on a tree or a lamp post near my home and gets nicely from dad for taking his bike without his knowledge..

When we gifted him a bike on his birthday he was so much delighted.his happiness knew no bounds.he offered pooja to it and then took every one of us for a ride.from then he kept his bike dirt free.he spent most of his time grooming his bike to keep it shine like new.he neglected playing and spending time with his friends.he goes for a near by shop in his bike.he was so proud of his YAMAHA.

He is such a wonderful biker who gives a pleasant experience to the traveler.at first I was quite afraid traveling with him as he drives very fast.later I understood the tactics he used to drive,so I like to travel with my brother happily in his bike.

We went to shop in the ranganathan street,the most crowded place in Chennai city,we enjoyed pani puris,sweet corn etc in the stalls sitting on our bike,munching the fried peanuts while driving.

Traveling is a pleasure enjoying the drizzling on a national highway road,but he drives carefully so that the bike wont skid on the wet roads.we went for a long drives on weekends.he roamed around the city in his bike and even went to tirupati and kalahasti in his monster(bike).

He doesn’t care about his health or food.he always love to explore with his bike but I fear about his safety.that was my wonderful experience i had with a biker(My brother).

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