March 23, 2012

Happy Ugadi

Wish you all a very happy Ugadi, the Telugu New Year Day.

This bunch of roses bloomed today to welcome the new year with me.
This festival is celebrated with different names in different states of India like “Gudi Padwa” in Maharastra and “Ugadi” in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

On this special day we make a special dish with Neem buds, jaggery, raw mango,red chilli,salt and tamarind juice are ground together to make a coarse paste Called as “ Ugadi Pachadi" in Telugu.This paste has a very special significance, which denotes all the tastes that life has to offer like bitter,sweet,salty,spicy and sour. All the family members tastes this chutney to remember that life is a mixture of pleasure and pain,and we should be prepared to accept whatever life offers.

March 13, 2012

Celebrating Myself

This post is an entry for the contest on Women's Web "Celebrate Myself" .

Every year women's day comes and goes by but how many of us is celebrating ourselves??? Many women would have not thought of celebrating themselves. We never realize our worth until someone praises the best in us, but most people won’t do that.

Everyone is ready to find fault in others. In my case also many thought education is not necessary for a handicapped girl. But I overcame all that and passed my post graduation with flying colors. The spirit in me helped me to reach my goals however negative minded people tried to push me down.
When my friends were searching for a job badly. I thought of helping them and the needy jobless persons to get the jobs. Thus I decided to start a recruitment consultancy to provide jobs for the needy, but the so called negative minded people piled the negative ideas on me asking silly questions like, being a girl, you cannot run a business. Being a physically challenged girl how can you do the business alone? You are going to push your family into trouble. Females never succeeded in business as it’s a male dominated industry. This kind of ideas and suggestions rose from everyone, but I was firm on my decision and started the firm with zero investment and running it successfully till date. Now those who discouraged me in the past, is calling me to find a job for their children and their siblings to get the suitable job.

Every time I fell down, I use to tell myself "I can" to get up again. That’s my success mantra. I never let my spirit go down. I celebrate myself everyday for every simple achievement of mine. That gives me a positive energy to me to achieve my goals crossing all the hurdles that comes in my life path.
I tried my hand in painting and I succeeded in that too. When i have written a story for a Tamil magazine, which had won me a cash prize and publish. that was my another little achievement. Its not that I have to celebrate only when I achieved something. I will celebrate myself, when I cook a favorite recipe for my family. I celebrate myself when my students scores good marks in exams. I even celebrate for having a sound sleep. Every woman has to celebrate herself. If we don't celebrate ourselves then who else will???

I have been a loving daughter, caring sister, helping friend, successful writer, good painter, entrepreneur etc.I am happy for being what I am and I will celebrate myself for being woman.
As Louise otto said "the history of all times and of today especially teaches that...
women will be forgetten if they forget to think of themselves"so i celebrate myself. How about you???