January 15, 2012

Life is what you make it

Book Review:-

“Life is what you make it” is an inspiring and motivating story of the protagonist Ankita.
She is young, good looking and smart and has many friends in her life. Even boys swooning over her. Everything seems to go in her favour as she manages to get into a premier management school for her MBA. Sadly, six months later, she is a patient in a mental health hospital in Bangalore. As it is discovered, she has bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a serious brain disorder that causes dramatic shifts in moods, energy levels, attitudes and ability to carry day to day tasks. It can be severely crippling that it can result in damaged relationships, poor job or academic performance and even suicide.

Destiny pushes Ankita off track in her life. Perhaps, many would have given up at this stage. But how Ankita stands up with courage and determination to take control of her life is the crux of this truly motivating story.

The author has mentioned that this book though a work of fiction but it is based on some real experiences. If the character of  Ankita is real, then hats off to her! She is one of the role models for life. She shows us how to make the best out of our individual lives!

This book not just entertains you, but it makes you to take stock of your life and inspires you to be the ‘real’ you! Also go for what you truly believe in deep inside your heart. We all have just one life and we need to make the best use of it so that life would be proud of us in the end.

I being a writer myself, remember one of my reader’s reactions after reading my story “Another Dream”. This story had touched her so much that she wanted to live her life with passion. I never thought that my story would have so much impact upon my reader. Now, the same thing has happened to me after reading this book. I would say that it is one of those books which made an impact upon me.

This happens to be my first book review. I thank my colleague Prashanth for giving me this book and making me to read it. I also thank Preeti  for writing such a wonderful book!

This book is already a best seller. But still I highly recommend it to all those who haven’t yet read it. Please read it!

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