January 16, 2012

Gift from a fan

When i opened my orkut,By that time one of my orkut fan named Pankaj kumar shrivastava,who is a budding artist by then, got inspired by my paintings and stories from my blog.he had copied my orkut DP and drawn this beautiful sketch and scraped me the photo on one fine day.Even though i got angry on him for taking my snap without prior intimation.It was really a wonderful surprise for me.

Thank you so much Pankaj for this nice sketch.It remains as a treasure forever.

I wish you all the best and wish you good luck for your future endeavours...

January 15, 2012

Life is what you make it

Book Review:-

“Life is what you make it” is an inspiring and motivating story of the protagonist Ankita.
She is young, good looking and smart and has many friends in her life. Even boys swooning over her. Everything seems to go in her favour as she manages to get into a premier management school for her MBA. Sadly, six months later, she is a patient in a mental health hospital in Bangalore. As it is discovered, she has bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a serious brain disorder that causes dramatic shifts in moods, energy levels, attitudes and ability to carry day to day tasks. It can be severely crippling that it can result in damaged relationships, poor job or academic performance and even suicide.

Destiny pushes Ankita off track in her life. Perhaps, many would have given up at this stage. But how Ankita stands up with courage and determination to take control of her life is the crux of this truly motivating story.

The author has mentioned that this book though a work of fiction but it is based on some real experiences. If the character of  Ankita is real, then hats off to her! She is one of the role models for life. She shows us how to make the best out of our individual lives!

This book not just entertains you, but it makes you to take stock of your life and inspires you to be the ‘real’ you! Also go for what you truly believe in deep inside your heart. We all have just one life and we need to make the best use of it so that life would be proud of us in the end.

I being a writer myself, remember one of my reader’s reactions after reading my story “Another Dream”. This story had touched her so much that she wanted to live her life with passion. I never thought that my story would have so much impact upon my reader. Now, the same thing has happened to me after reading this book. I would say that it is one of those books which made an impact upon me.

This happens to be my first book review. I thank my colleague Prashanth for giving me this book and making me to read it. I also thank Preeti  for writing such a wonderful book!

This book is already a best seller. But still I highly recommend it to all those who haven’t yet read it. Please read it!

January 11, 2012

Heart break

Neha rushed crying

"Maa...he broke my heart"She sobbed wiping her moist cheeks.


"That idiot,Rahul"

"Our neighbour's son?"

"Hmmm.."She nodded.

"Come lets ask"she took her hand and went out.

"Why do you broke her heart balloon Rahul?" she asked

"She broke mine too Aunty" he sobbed showing his broken balloon.


she woke up letting out a loud shriek from a deep sleep.
Her husband was sitting besides her on the bed with blood stained hands.

"You killed again?"

"yes,how can i spare someone who tries to harm my sweet wife?"He said.

"Hmmm...you showed your heroism on a poor mosquito" she sighed.

January 1, 2012

Happy Happy New Year

Happy New Year Wishes to all my Sweet Readers.I wish all of you a wonderful year ahead. I hope you continue reading my modest contributions and give your valuable feedback.Thank you and Love you All

A Short story

That morning seethamma brought her 6 years old daughter Sudha along with her to work in Elisha's house.

Sudha sat in a corner of the room silently gazing at the toys neatly arranged in the showcase without disturbing anyone.

Sudha always yearns to play with Cathy's toys.Cathy got a very good collection of toys.She loves the big fur teddy bear with oval eyes,the Rocking horse in which she always dream off sitting on it and riding to and fro like the Great queen Jhansi rani Lakshmi bhai,Then she likes to jump on the bean bag chair once,she wants to hug that Micky mouse doll,play with those Beautiful satin cuisons,cars,balls,dolls,the swing in that hanging swing and want to touch the most beautiful barbie girl toy.

"Take this chocolates" Cathy stood there holding a pack of chocolates in front of sudha.

"No" she denied nodding her head.

Cathy stood there firmly holding it straight in front of her.

"Take it else she wont leave you" Elisha's voice came from Kitchen.

She looked at her mother from the corner of her eye.
She signaled her to take it,mopping the floor.

She grabbed it from her hands and started eating as if she never tasted such sweetmeat.

"Come lets play" Cathy pulled sudha's hand.Sudha was so happy to play with all those expensive toys.It was like a dream come true.

"We are going out for shopping today.Mom will purchase me,a new dress,chocolates,cakes,dolls,gifts,ice creams and loads of things for this Christmas and new year.What about you?Which dress are you buying for this new year" Cathy asked joyfully playing with the cuddly doll.

"We dont shop for new year.Appa gets me dress only for Pongal" Sudha said in dull tone.

"Sudha come" seethamma came calling her after finishing her work.
She went off with her mother dropping the toys sadly.Cathy waved bye to her.

That Evening Cathy and her mom Elisha Strode into one of the Textile showroom in the Express Avenue mall.The mall was beautifully decorated with colourful lights in festive mood.Everyone was busy in shopping spree as Festivals are around the corner.

They strode through the new varieties.Cathy liked one beautiful frock wrapped around the doll standing in the showcase.Elisha bought a dozen different dresses and loads of new toys for cathy,as she is their only daughter and christmas is the only festival they celebrate very grandly.

"Mom,i want that dress too" she said pointing at one more Masakali Salwar kameez.

"Hmmmmm" She nodded her head in agreement,as she want to give all the happiness on the day.

Cathy jumped in joy.Elisha felt happy seeing her daughter jumping with happiness.
Almost everyone pinched her cheek.She was such a adorable cutie of 6 years.She attracts everyone with her kiddish language and with charming smile.

Then they shopped some household stuff too.After their shopping,they had their dinner and enjoyed the KFC dishes in the Mall.

Next day Cathy was eagerly waiting for sudha to show what she has shopped the previous day.When Seethamma came for work with Sudha.

Cathy took sudha to her room and showed her all the things that she had bought.
Sudha touched everything with a yearning eyes.

"How is this dress?"Cathy asked Sudha showing the salwar.

"Very nice" She said looking down.

"This is for you only.Take it" She said with a dimple smile.

She nodded her head in rejecting manner.

"This is my new year gift for you take it." Cathy said again.

Turning to her mom she said,"Mom tell her to take this"

For a moment she felt proud of her daughter for sacrificing her favourite dress to Sudha.With a surprised look at Cathy,Elisha said " Take it Sudha"

Sudha's eyes sparkled with happiness.She couldnt believe what was happening around her.Seethamma thanked them with a tearful gratitude.

This christmas is really a wonderful one for her family,and the coming year is really a happy new year for Seethamma's daughter.

She offered her some chocolates and toys too wishing her
"Merry christmas and Happy new year"

"Happy New Year" sudha shook her hands cheerfully hugging the dress and toys.
She had seen the real happiness in the eyes of sudha.

That was the real Festival for Elisha filled with satisfaction.She hugged her daughter for showing the pleasure of giving.