December 19, 2011

Award Time

I was totally down with viral fever for the past one week.Yesterday i somehow managed to get to work.while checking my mails i found a mail from a blogger friend.Just with a curiosity,i checked the mail.What a surprise!!!It was An Award from Meera ganesh.bells of happiness rang all over.A smile of happines spread on my face pushing the body pain aside.I never knew that she reads my blog or i havent gone through her blog.yesterday i went through her blog,it was really my eyes were burning and my fingers were so numb to type anything.I somehow managed copy paste to Thank her and curled back into the blanket.Thank you Meera...

Today iam feeling better but still cold and cough is there.Now let me Thank meera for giving this loving Award.
Thank you so much Meera for Reading my blog and for the award.Iam so happy.
My first blogger Award!!!
And as a rule,Iam supposed to say 7 things and pass it on.

1. Iam a great lover of Art.
2. Iam kinda jack of all trades and master of all too.
3. I love travelling but unfortunately no sponsers available [:(]
4. I wanna buy a mansion with a beautiful garden full of my favourite flowers and plants.
5. My day always dawns with a strong cup of coffee
6. Iam afraid of lizards and snakes.
7. I like rain,rainbow and nature.

Now here goes the award to:
1.Krishna priya
2.Arun prasad
4.bindhu juneja
9.Kim anh thi
11.sheril benedict
14.saru sighal

So the award comes with certain rules and they are as follows

* Nominate 15 Fellow Bloggers
* Inform the Bloggers of their nomination
* Share 7 random things about yourself
* Thank the Blogger who nominated you
* Add the Versatile Blog Award picture to your blog post


Saru Singhal said...

A mansion WOW and even I hate snakes and lizards. Congrats on the award. And, thanks again from the bottom of my heart...:) said...

hii.. Nice Post

Thanks for sharing

For latest stills videos visit ..

Krishnapriya said...

Thanks a million dear for the award..!! it really means a lot to me! and get well soon!

I knew about your love for flowers and garden but mansion wow! :P

I also love a strong cup of coffee..!

keep writing!

Prabhavathi said...

Thank you saru

Prabhavathi said...

Thank you kp.yes dear...its my chilhood dream of buying a mansion...

Smita said...

prabhavati thanks a tonn for the award :) Really a big thing for me as this is my first ever award on blogger :) :)

May god bless you a mansion with a beautiful garden :P
And am also afraid of lizards and snakes and I too love nature :)

Thanks for the award and sorry for such late reply to this, didn't know I was nominated here :) :)
Thanks again :)
Will pass it on soon :)

sush said...

thanks so much dear and congrats to you. Guess what I like but not snakes..
And too..
hope you are fine now. Get well soon.

Prabhavathi said...

@ smita: Hey Thanks alot for your warm wishes dearie...

@ Sushma: Yeah...same pinch for coffee and iam alright now.Thank u dear.

Bindu Juneja said...

Thank you Prabhavathi.
This was a very sweet surprise.

I guess you are also a nature and art lover - things that I love too..

Congrats on your award and wish you many more!

Prabhavathi said...

@ Thank u...sorry i didnt notice ur msg.

@ Bindu : thank u

sowmya said...

thank you soo much dear! what made you to give me this nice award,in return i have nothing to give it to you other than my smile :) keep smiling always! keep in touch always:)

Prabhavathi said...

hi sowmya,Ur smile is more valuable than anything...keep smiling