October 21, 2011

On The Sands Of Ramayapatnam Beach

I heard of Ramayapatnam Beach,but never been there.so this time when i got an opportunity to visit the near by place.I went with mom and with my kitty group of nephews and their friends.The below picture is the Ramayapatnam village.

A haunted house was caught by my mobile at Ramayapatnam.

Ramayapatnam is a small fishing village about 20 kilometers north of kavali(prakasam district) in Andhra Pradesh on the bank of the Bay of Bengal Ocean.

Racing waves
I just love the music of racing waves which tries to catch eachother and fails everytime but never loose it hope.

When we reached the beach the setting sun is bidding good bye for the day by painting the sky with vibrant colours and making everything around as a silloutte which is a feast for the eyes.

The waves of the beach is eagerly coming to Kiss my feet with its warmth of chillness.

The beach is quite calm with very few visitors that makes the atmosphere pretty clean and neat.This very place is a fantastic location for any poet or writer to let their creative imagination pour in.I just loved the beach alot.

He was very shy to pose for the snap,somehow i managed to click this snap.

look at my nephews having fun in water in the below picture.If you are a nature lover,looking to get some fresh air and peace,looking to get away from the hectic city life,this is a wonderful place for you.with a panoramic view of the Light house in front.

we can see the light house nearby,but by the time we reached there it was closed.
Light house at a distance

Our Kitty group has exploring into the sea happily.

My nephews were giving a cheerful pose kneeling down in the sea water experiencing the cool waves touching their knees every now and then.we played in the water catching cute tiny crabs and letting it back in the water.They keeps jumping out of our hands and hids themselves with sand.

another quick snap before the waves reach for them.

Mom and cousins are busy in collecting shells.As we stroll by,we saw the catamarans and few fishermen mending their nets.Iam very much interested to cruise in that tiny piece of wood called as " Catamaran " but mom didnt allow us,so I just took a memorable snap sitting on it with mom and with our gang.The fishermen gifted me fresh fishes,which is worth around 100rs but for me its priceless.

while strolling through the beach i found the broken piece of lord ganesha's hand after the immersion of god.He is blessing us with that broken hand too.

I found this beautiful sea urchin on the sands of the beach.A piece of gift from the treasure of bay of bengal.soon i will use it in my gel candle,which will remain fresh forever and bring back the memorable evening I spent there.

For the very first time,I saw a living shell creeping on the sands.It was so beautiful.before i tried to click the snap of it.my cousin grabbed it in her hand, soon it pulled its body inside the shell.So we brought it home with a collection of other shells.just loved the shells in different shapes and colours.

One of the beautiful shell turned out to be a candle for this diwali.A treasure i got from the sea will tell a tale of the sea.

I was just playing on the sand like a mad artist scribbling on the sand to express his love for the beauty it holds.

spread love

I love to scribble my name on the sand decorated with spikey shells that i found on the shore.

Prabha on the Sands

Crab that we found
We caught a crab that was playing in the waves.after clicking a picture we let it go.

My Family


My angel

My Nephew

One thing which we really missed was to explore the Light house and the beautiful church as it was closed when we reached there.We had an enchanting experience on the Beach.


Sujatha Sathya said...

ohh that ganesh's hand - so nice that you found

Prabhavathi said...

yeah sujatha...it was sad to see ganesha in such condition.