October 15, 2011

Golkonda Fort

"Shall we go to Silparamam and Golkonda Fort today?" I suggested my Aunt.I badly want to visit the most wonderful historical monument,Golkonda fort the land of Nizams.Golkonda is situated just 11 kilometers west of hyderabad.

The name Golkonda was alluring perhaps because of the Tollywood,Kollywood and Bollywood movies that was made there.The name of Golconda originates from the telugu words "Golla - Konda" which means 'shepard's hill'.The front view of the fort gives a mystic appeal.A walk all along the pathway admiring the lushy green garden with beautiful flower beds.Golconda Fort is one of the most wonderful monuments,located 11 km. from Hyderabad.so we all set to silparamam first.Then we planned to go to golkonda.

We enjoyed clapping in clapping portico where sounds of hands clapped at the entry gate can be heard quite clearly at the top of the hill.This feature of the fort is called as 'Golkonda Magic'

Then we went inside the Rani Mahal and Soldiers mahal admiring the architectural marvel.

Apart from the architecture and grandeur of the fort.There is a light and sound show as well that displays the rich history of Golconda held here in the evenings.we had our snacks there.From there one can also get a view of two minars of Charminar.

there are so many travellers are roamings around the place.few men are busy in arranging lights and other sound equipments for light show.

Then we visited Ramdoss BandiKana,in which the great renowned Poet Ramdoss was imprisoned.There was a Small hole in which they used to serve food for the imprisoned poet.

My cousins Hari and Srinu enjoyed the photo shoot.

While others are busy in Photoshoot.I sat in front of the small mosque,which is quite prominent.The courtyard extends up to the ramparts providing spectacular views of the hyderabad city.Close to the mosque lies the small Rama Mandir under the boulders.

Then we climbed on to the top,from where we can see the pond,in which the royal queen used to bath once.There is a small stall on the top of the hill with few chairs.we enjoyed Ice cream and Evening Tea with Biscuits and headed back home.
it was a wonderful trip.


KP said...

Nice clicks! especially the third one!

Prabhavathi said...

Thank u KP