August 13, 2011

Varamaha lakshmi vratha special

Wish you all happy Varamaha lakshmi vratha

Due to fasting and tiredness.i couldnt blog yesterday so here iam with the wishes...

yesterday is Varalaxmi Vratha or varamahalakshmi Vrata is a sacred day in Hinduism. The ceremony is performed by married Hindu women on the Friday before the full moon in the month of Sravana mostly it falls in July/August in the western calendar.This is an important Vratha for all Hindu women to seek the blessings of the goddess Mahalakshmi, wife of Lord Vishnu, who is considered to be the abode of wealth and prosperity.Varamahalakshmi Vratha is performed more commonly in the southern India.

So on the day of Varalakshmi vratam,I woke up early in the morning cleaned the house and decorated the front yards with rangolis.then took bath and wore a new designer net saree and jewellery.then invited few neighboring women to our house for pooja.

Prepared Nine varieties of delicacies with mom such as sweet pongal,milk payasam,sundal,paruppu payasam,soyum,Kesari,vadai,Panchamrutham and Milk kova.
then i arranged the kalasha the sacred pot,smeared the turmeric on the pot and decorated with vermillion.filled the kalasha with rice and water symbolizing prosperity.Placed few betel leaves surrounding the kalash.Then placed a coconut smeared with turmeric and vermilion on the kalasha. Placed this kalasha before the deity of Varalakshmi on a special mahalakshmi rangoli.Decorate the idol of lakshmi with flowers,jewels and lights.

I tied the toram on the right hand of my Mom,my SIL and to my Niece. Torams are bunch of eight threads with eight knots which signify Ashtalakshmi.then i light deepam and incense sticks.I made a ganesha with turmeric and Started the vrata by offering pooja to lord ganesha first.then started the kalash pooja followed by lakshmi pooja.Chanting Lakshmi Ashtottara Shatanamam offering flowers to the goddess, fruits.

After completing the pooja we Present the neighbouring women tamboolam. Tamboolam is an offering consisting of fruits, betel leaves,vermilion, turmeric,delicacys and a cloth of blouse. Took their blessings.

then Finally i broke the whole day fasting having the prasadham.

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