August 24, 2011


Flowers from my kinder garden

August 20, 2011


Dear Friends & Bloggers Wishing you all happy Janmashtami

Celebrating with our Krishna

Temple Tank

August 16, 2011

Ramoji film city, Hyderabad - a round up

Ramoji film city world's largest theme park over 2,000 acres of land, situated near Hayathnagar and Peddamberpet in Hyderabad.Our driver doesn't know the exact route to the film city so he wasting the time till noon roaming around the city and finally we i guided him by calling a friend so we finally reached RFC by 12.30pm via L.B.Nagar.

I clicked this snap of Jansi from our cab before landing on RFC.

After parking our car.we took entrance tickets in the counter.They asked us to wait for the bus.They gave Film city Map and Ramoji Stickers along with the tickets.We have to stick those stickers on our costumes.Camera is allowed inside for free of cost.I waited for the vintage bus along with my aunt,cousins,nephews,jansi and pallavi.

when the bus came we all got in and seated with the other visitors.The bus rode up the wide black asphalt road winding around the hill crossing the entrance board of the Majestic Theme park.

First entrance of  Ramoji
First entrance of Ramoji

We crossed the Etv office,which was inside the theme park.

Etv Office

Second entrance of RFC

There was some movie shooting was going they stopped our bus for a while.

Film Shooting

while crossing the angel fountain i tried to capture the picture from the moving bus.but i clicked only a part of it.

angel fountain @ Ramoji film city

Atlast the sprawling RFC came into picture.The bus dropped everybody at Eurekha fountain(the starting and ending point of this package tour)in the fantasy land.From there we have to explore on foot.

Eurekha fountain @ Ramoji film city
Eurekha fountain @ Ramoji film city

Eurekha building @ Ramoji film city
Eurekha building

Eurekha building @ Ramoji film city
Eurekha building

dilse  @ Ramoji film city
One can watch movies at Dilse theatre.

dilse  @ Ramoji film city
After getting down from bus,Pallavi suggested us to take tickets for I asked pallavi and aunt to get the tickets.Meanwhile we started to explore into fundustan entry.we took few memorable snaps there.Jansi was mused at the moving eyes of this Giant Toy at Fundustan entry.

fundustan entry @ Ramoji film city
fundustan entry

Jhansi wanted to have some fun she kept her head in this "WANTED" Poster for a photo.

fun setting@ Ramoji
Look at her

Look at her face how happily she was posing for the photo.

Then we went on a hanging bridge to view charisma garden.In this garden flowers will be arranged according to the saree colour of the heroine.There was orange flowers in that garden when we went.This garden was far away from the place where we are we couldnt able to view clearly.There was a cute statue of Bal Hanuman.I took a memorable snap here also.

charisma garden @ Ramoji film color of flowers changed according to herione saree color
Charisma garden

There was lotta fun places for kids to enjoy like Train Restaurant,corn house,Tea pot house,Cone Ice cream house,Magic well,cuckoo house,bhoot banglow etc etc.,

We all are very hungry so we all went for buffet lunch.After lunch, we went to Alampana Restaurant and museum,Moghul gardens,Replica of hawa Mahal.

artists performing inside dome theatre @ Ramoji film city
Artists performing inside dome theatre

Artists performing inside dome theatre lying on a glass pieces.

artists performing inside dome theatre @ Ramoji film city
Artists performing inside dome theatre

artists performing inside dome theatre @ Ramoji film city
Artists performing inside dome theatre

characters in front of Dome theatre  @ Ramoji film city
characters in front of Dome theatre

characters in front of Dome theatre  @ Ramoji film city

joker outside the Dome theatre  @ Ramoji film city
Joker outside the Dome theatre

we watched magic show in Dome Theatre.Visitors are allowed to take photographs with the artists in dome theatre.While others are busy in watching stunt hunt show,Me and my cousin went to Rock garden.I told my cousin that was the very place Actress simran and Actor vijay danced for a song "Udaya Udaya" in the Tamil movie named 'Udaya'

Rock garden @ Ramoji film city
Rock garden

Then i asked the securities about the Leg Garden and Animal Garden.I was longing to see those places since long time.he told me that,we have to catch the Red bus which will take Us we all went to the vintage bus stand.There was a big queue waiting for the bus.

vintage bus stand @ Ramoji film city
vintage bus stand

We are able to get into the second bus only.After we got into the Bus.The Film City Staff started explaining about the places using a mike.he said all the statues and Replica buildings are made of plaster of paris so visitors are allowed only to view it through the vintage bus.

view through vintage bus
view through vintage bus

This place is called as chandramukhi building,bcoz the block buster hit Movie "chandramukhi" was shot here.

Chandramukhi Building

These are the National highway roads in RFC.which is used for film shooting.
highways roads@ Ramoji
National Highway Roads in RFC

train setting@ Ramoji
Toy Train

jug fountain@ Ramoji
Jug fountain

Jug fountain @ Ramoji film city
Jug fountain

Airport setting@ Ramoji
Replica of Airport

hospital setting@ Ramoji
Hospital settings for Films

mumbai setting@ Ramoji
Replica of Mumbai chor bazzar

@ Ramoji

Angel fountain@ Ramoji
Angel fountain

This time i clicked the angel fountain with the help of pallavi.

Another Replica Building

This is Another Replica Building in RFC.Again we caught the RFC bus and started our return journey.We missed many other places due to lack of time.All in all, it was a memorable trip, which will forever be framed in our hearts for a long time.

August 13, 2011

Varamaha lakshmi vratha special

Wish you all happy Varamaha lakshmi vratha

Due to fasting and tiredness.i couldnt blog yesterday so here iam with the wishes...

yesterday is Varalaxmi Vratha or varamahalakshmi Vrata is a sacred day in Hinduism. The ceremony is performed by married Hindu women on the Friday before the full moon in the month of Sravana mostly it falls in July/August in the western calendar.This is an important Vratha for all Hindu women to seek the blessings of the goddess Mahalakshmi, wife of Lord Vishnu, who is considered to be the abode of wealth and prosperity.Varamahalakshmi Vratha is performed more commonly in the southern India.

So on the day of Varalakshmi vratam,I woke up early in the morning cleaned the house and decorated the front yards with rangolis.then took bath and wore a new designer net saree and jewellery.then invited few neighboring women to our house for pooja.

Prepared Nine varieties of delicacies with mom such as sweet pongal,milk payasam,sundal,paruppu payasam,soyum,Kesari,vadai,Panchamrutham and Milk kova.
then i arranged the kalasha the sacred pot,smeared the turmeric on the pot and decorated with vermillion.filled the kalasha with rice and water symbolizing prosperity.Placed few betel leaves surrounding the kalash.Then placed a coconut smeared with turmeric and vermilion on the kalasha. Placed this kalasha before the deity of Varalakshmi on a special mahalakshmi rangoli.Decorate the idol of lakshmi with flowers,jewels and lights.

I tied the toram on the right hand of my Mom,my SIL and to my Niece. Torams are bunch of eight threads with eight knots which signify Ashtalakshmi.then i light deepam and incense sticks.I made a ganesha with turmeric and Started the vrata by offering pooja to lord ganesha first.then started the kalash pooja followed by lakshmi pooja.Chanting Lakshmi Ashtottara Shatanamam offering flowers to the goddess, fruits.

After completing the pooja we Present the neighbouring women tamboolam. Tamboolam is an offering consisting of fruits, betel leaves,vermilion, turmeric,delicacys and a cloth of blouse. Took their blessings.

then Finally i broke the whole day fasting having the prasadham.

Rakhi Special

Wish you all happy Raksha Bandhan wishes

August 11, 2011

August 7, 2011


A Shortest Story

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to all my friends...
I would like to share the shortest story of mine with all of you on this special day.
once again...wish you all happy friendship day.

Peter was strolling on the hill near by his house on that afternoon.the weather was pleasant.

Ritu was in denim jeans and floral top and patent leather boots, curly burgundy hair pulled back in a ponytail. She started running towards the edge of the huge cliff.

“Hey stop” screamed peter at the top of his voice running to stop her.

“She is going to end her life” his instinct warned him.

Beads of perspiration blossomed on her fair glow face. She was nervous.
Reluctant to answer him. She jumped off.
He slowed down as he approached the cliff, seeing her happily bungee jumping.trying to catch his breath.Peter showed off a toothy grin.
She waved at him happily...