July 12, 2011

Chintu’s Tiffin

A Short story
By Prabhavathi.K

“Neha beta,wake up baby.its getting late for school” her mom woke her up to make her ready to school.

Her school van will arrive at sharp 7.30 am. Her little brother chintu also got up along with his sister. His mom gave them a glass of complan milk.Chintu gulped off his milk quietly. There is some milk struck around his mouth like a moustache, while laughing at his funny face neha spilled her milk on the floor. His mom wiped off his mouth and slapped Neha for spilling her milk. Then,she gave her another glass of milk.after her bath her mom gave them sandwich for breakfast. While chewing sandwich, chintu helped his sister to arrange her school bag. He brought her shoes and socks too. He peeped out of the window every now and then to check whether the school van has come.

“Chintu get lunch bag from granny” his mom Said.
He immediately ran into the kitchen.

“Didi’s lunch bag. Mom asking” he asked

“Yeah packing” his granny said.

“What are you packing for lunch?” he asked curiously

“Curd rice and papad” she said feeding him a spoonful.
Tasting it he asked “where is snacks box?

“Oh I forgot that… thanks for reminding my dear” she planted a kiss on his cheek
She packed some plum cake slices and cookies in the snack box.

“For me gran”he asked wiping the saliva from his cheeks.

“This is all for you dear”she handed a carton of cake and cookies to him.
He took a bite of a cake and ran to his mom with the lunch bag.
His mom was combing neha’s hair.he stood there watching his sister and munching a pieces of cookies.Suddenly he heard the horn of school van.

“Ma… van… van…” he screamed wiping off his mouth with a napkin hurriedly.

“Neha come…van has come” his mom took neha’s school bag and lunch bag in one hand and rushed down dragging neha in other hand.

“Chintu come come” neha waved her hand calling him.
Chintu wore chappal and ran down with his grandpa to give send off to his sister. he waved bye to his sister and her friends in the van. He started crying when the van left. So his grandpa took him to nearby shop and bought him chocolates.

Eating that chocolates he took out his bat and ball to play with his grandpa.
Then saw his granny sipping coffee.
He went to her “I too want some coffee granny” he asked

“All right, come with me” she took him to kitchen and gave him a cup of coffee.
He sipped off the coffee silently before his mom sees him.

Meanwhile his father was getting ready for office.
He went to help him searching his socks, wallet and tie.
His mom served noodles for chintu, his granny ,grandpa and his dad.
He had the noodles with a dash of tomato ketch up.
Then his dad left to office.and chintu went to play again.
His mom was busy in cleaning up the mess and other household chores.
He took out his cycle and started riding on it.Assuming it as motor cycle.

“Vroom …. vroom……”making noise with his mouth.
His granny was walking in the balcony.he heard a tinking bell sound outside.
He ran to his granny to check whats going on.
It was cotton candy seller ringing his bell inviting toddlers to buy his wear.all the toddlers in the street swarm around him.

“Granny granny I want that candy.”he pleaded

“ok come.”

She took him down the street and bought him a cotton candy stick.
He got his candy with a delight.After finishing her chores his mom sat to have her breakfast.

“Would you like to have some kelloggs chintu? His mom asked.

“Hmmm”he nodded his head in agreement.

She served him a bowl of corn flakes with milk. He enjoyed the crunchy snack.
Then he heard the calling bell ringing and ran to open.It was his aunt Ritu.
She dragged him up and planted a kiss on his cheek.
His mom welcomed her and served her some snacks.

“How are you Sweetheart?” Ritu asked chintu handling him a pack of fruits and his favourite cookies.

“Fine Aunty.Thank you” he replied placing the packs on the table.

“Have you had your tiffin chintu??? ritu asked.
His mom served mango milkshake to every one.

Chintu said “No” while sipping the shake.
“You didn’t give him tiffin yet? Ritu asked his mom

“Who said?”

“Who else he only said ???” Ritu replied.

“oh ….?” She smiled.
Then she called out chintu and asked,
“Chintu beta,what you had for breakfast in the morning?”

“Sandwich,noodles…hmmm kellogs” he recited the whole list.Realising the fact.

“Hmm…you had all these but you didn’t had tiffin. right? Ritu aunt asked him laughing

“Yes” he nodded his head innocently. All of them burst into laughter.

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