July 6, 2010

Ooops...Test again...

A Short story
By Prabhavathi.K

Ravi was a branch manager in a corporate company. After returning from office he started Preparing for test, which he has to give the next day. He was growing nervous by every minute. All his friends told him that the test will be very difficult. His wife Sunitha gave him a cup of hot ginger Tea and left a bundle of books on the study table.

‘Honey, refer this books too. These are rare books.I got these from Higginbothams book store for you’ she said leaving him alone to study.

he just nodded his head.

He had always been afraid of tests. He hated studies because of these Tests in collage days. Somehow managed to complete his Post graduation. but now, after so many years he was giving test again.

He was panicked. He cursed the education system and their norms.
But he couldn’t help than preparing well for the test. He referred as many books as possible.It was important for him to pass the test.
Somehow he managed to give the test offering prayers to all known gods.He even lit a candle in the church and prayed for Allah.

He was eagerly waiting for the results outside the room with his wife beside him. The wait for the results was hell. it was even more torturous than giving it.
The results were out.

The name was called out.His heart was beating fastly than ever.
He went inside along with his wife.

The man in the chair said
‘You have passed the test Mr.Ravi. your son got admission in our school.
Fill this application form and pay the fees in the counter’.

He breathed happily looking into his wife’s eyes.

‘How difficult to get a admission for a small kid’ he murmured to his wife while coming out of the reputed school in the city.

------------------- END -----------------