May 8, 2010

Birth of a Writer

A Short story
By Prabhavathi.K

Today chitra her classmate brought a pearl necklace set to was so elegant and eye catching.
Everyone started asking her where she bought it and about its price.
She said “its Hyderabadi pearls. It costs just 500 rs.”
Her uncle is doing whole sale business of fancy goods. so she sells that stuff in college.
She took a blade from her bag and scratched the pearls to show the different between the fake and real pearls.
She showed pearls in other colours like white,peach,gold and black pearls.
She have also brought different shapes of pearls like oval,round,semi-round etc.,everything was very beautiful.
Then she announced “Any interested persons can buy now and pay in installments.”

Sheela asked in surprise “is this set is just 500rs???Then give me one” she handed her 500rs note to chitra and took the pearl set.
Others followed sheela and agreed to pay on installment basis. She sold the sets in few minutes.
Few of our lecturers also bought from her.
Kavitha liked that pearl necklace. she wanted to buy it, but her financial position was not so good.
“kavitha u too take one.” said chitra
“I don’t have money chitra”
“Not an issue…take this now and pay me later when u get money” she handed a set to kavitha.
Kavitha’s heart yearned to take that pearl necklace but self respect didn’t allow her to take that set without money. So she handed it back to her saying “No chitra, you keep this with you. I will buy it next month, when I get money”

After returning home that evening she told her mom about the pearl necklace.
Her mom said “your uncle came from village for treatment today. He is having severe fever since a week and coughing vigorously.
Whenever he coughs he spits sputum. I think he was attacked by TB.we have to bare his medical expenses.”
“Is it ma?”She asked in shocking tone.
“Yes. I am not sure whether it’s TB or not but the symptoms are like that only. In this situation how can I afford a pearl necklace for you? Your father is not a rich man. He is standing in the hot sun ironing clothes for our bread and butter and for your education.”
“Akka, Akka… ” Both kavitha and her mother turned to find saroja,their neighbor. she was dark and plump woman with a protruded teeth. she was a young widow with two small kids. She started a tailor shop after her husband’s death to run the family.
“Sorry to disturb you akka,I asked you to suggest some part time employee to stitch blouse hooks and shirt buttons na?
Now I got big order, so I need someone to do that work.”

Hearing this kavitha asked “how much is the pay Aunty?”
“25p per shirt and 50p per blouse”

immediately kavitha said “I will do that work aunty.”

“I’m very happy kavitha, but how will you study? ”asked aunty.

“I will manage aunty you don’t worry” she went with her to stitch buttons.

Kavitha was very happy for getting an opportunity to earn some money for her pearl necklace.but she knows that money not enough.
After finishing the work she returned home happily and had dinner.
While studying, she found a magazine which she borrowed from her friend the day before.

She flipped the pages for a while. Suddenly an advertisement captured her eye.
It was about short story competition .the first prize was 1000 rs, 500 rs as second prize, third prize was 200 rs and 50 rs as consolation prize.

“If I can write stories then I can buy that pearl necklace with that prize money, but I am not such a clever person” she thought to herself.
Then she switched off the lights and lied on the mat to sleep.

She kept tossing on mat. “How good I will look with that pearl set? I can wear it for my cousin marriage too”
she dreamt of wearing it on her soft neck.Thoughts of short story competition and the prize money was lingering in her mind.
she couldn’t get rid of the thoughts.

She thought, “Everyone says nothing is impossible.cant I write a story??? but writing a story is big issue for me”

She kept thinking. “I am not a genius to write a story, but if I write, I can buy the pearl necklace with the prize money”

“ok…let me give a try” she made up her mind and got up from bed, took that magazine and read again.

She started writing about an incident happened in her school days. At last after tearing many papers a story was born.

She edited the story and finished writing it.

“now, its ready to publish” she thought happily.

She posted the story the next morning while going to college.
As usual she stitched hooks for aunt and helped her mom in daily chores.
She doesn’t know whether her story will get published or not.
She prayed god to give her at least the consolation prize.

After few weeks she got a money order and a magazine.
They sent her the prize money and a copy of the magazine. She jumped in joy.
She won the first prize in short story competition. She couldn’t believe her eyes.
Her happiness knew no bounds. Everyone at home was happy for her.
Her mom filled her mouth with sugar to celebrate the happiness.
She gave the money to her mom and rejoiced.
Next day she bought the pearl necklace from chitra and put it on her mother’s neck and said
“Ma, Desire for buying this pearl necklace made me a writer”
Her mom kissed her and hugged with Pride and whispered “Hmmm, now I became writer’s mom”
They laughed happily…

******************** END *******************


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Good One, But what happened to Father...?

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