August 30, 2010

Cresant Moon

My reporter brother set me this book" Moonram pirai" as Rakhi gift to me...Moonram pirai means Cresant Moon in Tamil.

July 6, 2010

Ooops...Test again...

A Short story
By Prabhavathi.K

Ravi was a branch manager in a corporate company. After returning from office he started Preparing for test, which he has to give the next day. He was growing nervous by every minute. All his friends told him that the test will be very difficult. His wife Sunitha gave him a cup of hot ginger Tea and left a bundle of books on the study table.

‘Honey, refer this books too. These are rare books.I got these from Higginbothams book store for you’ she said leaving him alone to study.

he just nodded his head.

He had always been afraid of tests. He hated studies because of these Tests in collage days. Somehow managed to complete his Post graduation. but now, after so many years he was giving test again.

He was panicked. He cursed the education system and their norms.
But he couldn’t help than preparing well for the test. He referred as many books as possible.It was important for him to pass the test.
Somehow he managed to give the test offering prayers to all known gods.He even lit a candle in the church and prayed for Allah.

He was eagerly waiting for the results outside the room with his wife beside him. The wait for the results was hell. it was even more torturous than giving it.
The results were out.

The name was called out.His heart was beating fastly than ever.
He went inside along with his wife.

The man in the chair said
‘You have passed the test Mr.Ravi. your son got admission in our school.
Fill this application form and pay the fees in the counter’.

He breathed happily looking into his wife’s eyes.

‘How difficult to get a admission for a small kid’ he murmured to his wife while coming out of the reputed school in the city.

------------------- END -----------------

June 29, 2010

My day as a teacher

A Short story
By Prabhavathi.K

My board exams are over and now iam absolutely free for another two months. I Wanted to do something interesting and useful in this vacation.

I got an idea of taking tuitions. which meant ‘0’ investment and plenty of money. so I took a chart and written “TUITION AVAILABLE” using the most creative letters of calligraphy and kept the board outside our gate on one Auspicious day after doing puja.

I spread this news to all my friends and neighbours and eagerly waited for someone to join,but no one seems to turn up as it was vacation time…A week passed…but there was no trace of any student. I was waiting for someone to turn up with a strong hope.But,no one turned up…so I planned for a trip to Ooty .

I need to purchase some cosmetics and costumes for the trip so I went out for shopping at T.Nagar in chennai on Wednesday morning at with mom.we got down at Usman Road.The stretch from North Usman Road to Ranganathan Street is jam packed with retail outlets as well as pavement shops.Today The scorching sun would have forgotten to wake up from his sleep.It seems that,it was still lying under the Blanket of dark clouds.The day was very pleasant and cool in the absence of sun. I loved to walk on the roads admiring the picturesque rather than traveling by car or was busy as usual even in vacation time.The groundnut seller was frying peanuts in the kadai filled with sand. an auto walas, motorists, cars and busses passed,stirring up a vast amount of dust on pedestrians.A group of young guys crossed us. a sugarcane juice vendor was busy in his work. I purchased some glass ear rings from the hawker, who displayed his wares on road. it was intricately designed with glass. an ice cream peddler was selling his wares, sounding a bell. Middle aged woman sitting under the gulmohar tree on the Pavement with her basket full of Ice Apples and another women,who sat next to her had spread her mangoes on the sack for sale. a lame man was limping hither –thither begging alms wearing a torn dirty clothes with a broken plate in his hand.I took out five rupees note from my purse and handed it to him. he looked at me gratefully.

We reached The textile showroom The Chennai silks while watching roadside shops.I reached for summer wear section where i would like to buy some cotton wear. I purchased few cotton chudidhars with chikankari work and lucknow work,which comes with tassels on pallu.Then I selected one cotton sari for mom,which has tiny sequins spread all over and the other one with Ribbon embroidery.two set of jeans with fancy embroidery and kundans stitched decoratively and few cotton printed nighties for me and my sister.

After my purchasing I came out of the shop with my mom. I took her to ‘The park hotel’we had a nice meal there. my mom enjoyed the food but shocked with the bill.
‘One family can be fed for a month with this money which you lavishly spent here'. she said in worried tone. She doesn’t know that I want to see her eating there.

I bought a bubbles While coming out of the hotel.I blowed bubbles in the air.It flew high in the air.Blowing bubbles is really a fun.when I tried to poke one of the bubble.
suddenly my mom pulled me aside 'Arey look ma'
I merely escaped a narrow hit by an auto.We hired an auto and reached home at 2 o’clock.

Ramesh,a friend of mine came with his colleague.He was tall with dark complexion.He looked young too.He introduced him and informed me that he wants me to teach his sister spoken English. There was a spark of happiness suddenly spread in my mind.

Meanwhile ‘Ooty trip cancel’ my inner voice roared...

he said 'Hello mam'

‘Hello’ I wished back

‘Mam,Iam Rajesh driving sister studied in tamil medium school. she is very much interested to learn Spoken English.we joined her in many coaching centres but they didn’t teach her proper English. she is shy girl, so she feels shy to ask any she discontinued from there.then i got to know about you through Ramesh and came to meet…’ he stopped with hesitation.

‘Hmmm…I can understand…This happens with many students.’ I told him like a professional teacher.

He added,‘Ramesh told me that you are teaching for working people and college goers so I came here with a hope” he said.

‘Yes i do...’ as I was pleased to hear this in the joy of getting a first student.

‘ma’am,one more thing,my sister is deaf so you have to adjust with her. I will pay whatever you ask’

The word 'Deaf' was a bolt from the sky.I am not a teacher by profession. I just started it as hobby,to earn some money for my personal use.but how can i speak louder for two hours?Its highly impossible for me to speak louder.

'Mam'he called again which brought me back to senses.

‘Thats ok…not an issue. I will take care’ I said and managed a smile while i tried to hide my inner situation was worse like a cat on the wall.She was my first student.I cannot say‘I cant take class for her’ which may leave a wrong impression on my career. so however difficult it is... I have to teach her. I made up my I agreed for the proposal of teaching her, as I always believe in ‘nothing is impossible’

‘so nice of you ma’am…I will bring her in the evening. is that ok for you???’ he asked again in a polite tone.

I suppressed my thoughts and said ‘Hah,sure’ with a smile.

He left wishing me ‘Thank you ma’am’

‘Yeah…’I just turned around the room with the happiness of getting a new student.
How am i going to mange her???this very thought upsetted me.

In the evening.I referred few reference books.I clearly decided what to teach her and how to teach her in simple way so that she can understand easily.I rehearsed for a while.I had a cup of strong coffee to energize me for another two hours.

I cleaned up the hall and dusted the flowers in the vase.arranged the table neatly.
Then I got ready to welcome my first student.At 5 ‘o clock he came with his sister.

‘Come in, Please take your seat’ I said.

They sat on the sofa and he introduced her ‘ma’am,This is my sister Hema. please take care’

‘sure’ I said and smiled at her. she was in wheatish color with a cute round face.
She was wearing half sari in lemon yellow color.Her hair was neatly oiled and plaited wearing jasmine.

She wished ‘good evening ma’am’

I wished back ‘very good evening ma’

‘Mam,I have some work so shall I take leave.’ he asked with the same polite tone.

‘Ok…I will take care of her. you neednt worry’ I told him.

After he left.I don’t know anyone who is deaf earlier. so I wondered how to speak with her.but still I sat next to her and started conversing with her in ordinary asking about her hobbies to make her feel ease.she felt happy and shared her likes,dislikes,favourite movies,and other girly things.she felt my presence happy.I couldn't believe that she is blind.I surprisingly looked at her, but couldn’t find any hearing aid in her ears. I remember her brother say ‘my sister is deaf so kindly adjust with her’.
I Didn’t feel to ask her about I started the class with basic grammar.

I didn’t find any difficulty in teaching her. she was like any other ordinary student.I liked her bubbliness and her interest in learning.She was very clever and fast learner.i felt very comfortable in teaching her.after teaching i asked her to copy notes from the book. she was copying it...

My brother returned from office and switched on the TV in the next room.
He always keeps the TV volume in high mode. it was quite disturbing. if I ask him to reduce the volume then also there wont be any use. so I closed the door.but still I can able to hear the music from the next room.

She looked at me.
I asked her ‘is the TV noise disturbing ma?’

‘No mam.Its not disturbing me,as i cannot hear anything’ she said.
I looked at her puzzled.

‘Mam,I Switched off my hearing aid when I started taking notes. so I didn’t hear anything’ she explained.

I was surprised with her reply.‘What an attitude!!!’i wondered.

‘I always do this mam,whenever my mom starts scolding me no,then I will just switch off my hearing aid and do some work. so that I cannot hear any of her scoldings.she only gets fed up after sometime and give up scolding’she said laughing out.

‘is it???HaHa...sounds interesting’ I admired her sense of humor

‘yes mam,sometimes my brother laughs at me asking, is this scoldings necessary for you???Then I will tell him that I am not wearing hearing aid.

he then tells my mom that she wasted all her energy in scolding me.’ she said with laughter.

'Are you wearing hearing aid'

'yes mam...'she removed it to show me.
she was wearing it behind her ear so that i couldnt able to see that tiny piece.

I too laughed out.
I felt happy for her, as she got a lovely family.

She then added ‘mam,I like the way you teach. now I got confidence that I can speak English soon’

‘I love to teach you dear. you made my day’ I said happily.

My mind again roared 'Ooty Trip Cancel'
'Trip not canceled,its postponed until i earn something as a TEACHER.
After that i will arrange the Trip on my own expense' I thought to myself.

***************************** End *****************************

May 28, 2010


கவிதை எழுத விரும்பி,
கற்பனையில் ஆழ்ந்தேன்.
காகிதங்கள் பல கழிந்தும்,
கவிதை பிறக்க வில்லை.
கன்னி நினைவில்,
கைவிட எண்ணிய வேளையில்,
என்ன சிதறல் தென்றலாய் உன் வதனம்.
கண் சிமிட்டும் நேரத்தில் -என் உள்ளத்தில்
தோன்றிய கவிதைகள் ஓராயிரம்.
கருவில் உள்ள குழந்தையும் கவி பாடும்
உன் கண்கள் கண்டால்...
காளை நான் கவி ஆனதில் வியப்பில்லை,
கட்டுண்டு கிடந்த என் மனதை...
கவி பாட செய்தவளே
என்று இக்கவியின் காவியம் ஆக போகிறாய்???

May 19, 2010


A Short story
By Prabhavathi.K

Payal was only daughter to Mr. & Mrs.Agarwal.
Payal was busy in submitting her application form to universities for her PG degree.

“Payal, why are you wasting your time and money for that applications? We are planning to marry you this year. come and help me in household chores and learn cooking”Payal’s mom called her from kitchen.

“No.mamma…I want to pursue my higher studies.
Don’t want to get marry now” she said firmly.

Mr.Agarwal,who overheard this conversation from the other room,came and sit on the arm chair and joined in their conversation.

“beta,I am retired now and I have saved that money for your marriage.In this situation I cannot afford money for your studies.”

“No problem papa. I can take education loan and pay it back when I get a nice job.”

“Okie beta, but after your marriage if your husband or in-laws don’t permit you to work then, how would you pay back?”

“I am not too old papa. after re-paying the loan I will get marry” Payal said.
however Her father was not satisfied with her reply. he kept quite.

She came near him and patted his shoulder warmly.
“papa, now a days education is very important for anyone, not like those olden days. I want to be independent.”

Beta,iam much more experienced in life. my friend’s son Dr.Rajeev would be a decent match for you.Himachal is not so far from our place.whenever we want to see you. we can visit you.”

he continued after a pause “we want to marry you before something happens to us.we dont know what fate has in store for try to understand me"

She was influenced by her father’s view.
“okie,as you wish”she said and left the room confused.

Mr.and Mrs.Agarwal was happy. he proceeded to do further arrangements.

Rock garden is one of his favourite place in chandigarh for evening walk which is pretty close to his house.he likes to walk among the sculptors made out of waste materials like discarded tube lights, rusting oil drums, broken tiles, shattered china and sanitary ware, glass bangles, unused building material, discarded street lights, burnt bricks, electrical fittings and wires, caps from bottles, bicycle handle bars etc.

That evening Agarwal happened to meet his old friend at Rock garden.

“Arey agarwal bhai,how are you? its been long time since we meet”

“Arey munna bhai,iam fine.what a surprise?Come lets sit for a while”
they sat on one of steps near the waterfall.

Munna asked,“how are you?hows is your daughter payal?is she married?”

“No munna bhai,she completed her BE and wants to pursue higher studies, but we have seen a boy for her, if everything works out. we will get her married soon”

There is a short pause and then he asked, “you tell, how things are with you? how’s your daughter ridhuma?”

Munna bhai kept quite.
Agarwal asked with a puzzle, “arey munna bhai,what happened?have I asked anything wrong?”

“what to tell agarwal bhai, we discontinued her studies and married her to our relative guy."He said.

He continued after a small pause “unfortunately he died in an she is suffering to support her family with her least education.

I have been a stupid father.i felt marrying her is my responsibility but I forgot to realize that educating a girl child is also our responsibility. if I would have educated her by then.she might not be suffering like this now.” he wiped his moist eyes.

Tears was just at the edge of Agarwal bhai's eyes.
“you are right munna Bhai,we will show more interest in marrying her rather than educating her.we always feel a girl child as burden only. but now you opened my eyes.”

"hmmm"he swayed his head in agreement with a heavy heart.

“Arey munna bhai,dont education system has improved ask your daughter to continue her studies through distance education.which may help her to get better job in future,also ask her to go for typing and computer class to get some basic knowledge."said agarwal bhai.

"Thank you bhai for your suggestions.i will surely inform her about this.
I think its getting late and we should move now Agarwal bhai.Please make a visit once as we are staying near Rose Garden only.”said munnai bhai and left the place.

After reaching home,Mr Agarwal lies down on his arm chair and says, “payal Beta,pursue your studies, till then no marriage plans”

“is it papa….???”
payal jumped in joy not aware of the reason for the sudden change in her father.


May 8, 2010

Birth of a Writer

A Short story
By Prabhavathi.K

Today chitra her classmate brought a pearl necklace set to was so elegant and eye catching.
Everyone started asking her where she bought it and about its price.
She said “its Hyderabadi pearls. It costs just 500 rs.”
Her uncle is doing whole sale business of fancy goods. so she sells that stuff in college.
She took a blade from her bag and scratched the pearls to show the different between the fake and real pearls.
She showed pearls in other colours like white,peach,gold and black pearls.
She have also brought different shapes of pearls like oval,round,semi-round etc.,everything was very beautiful.
Then she announced “Any interested persons can buy now and pay in installments.”

Sheela asked in surprise “is this set is just 500rs???Then give me one” she handed her 500rs note to chitra and took the pearl set.
Others followed sheela and agreed to pay on installment basis. She sold the sets in few minutes.
Few of our lecturers also bought from her.
Kavitha liked that pearl necklace. she wanted to buy it, but her financial position was not so good.
“kavitha u too take one.” said chitra
“I don’t have money chitra”
“Not an issue…take this now and pay me later when u get money” she handed a set to kavitha.
Kavitha’s heart yearned to take that pearl necklace but self respect didn’t allow her to take that set without money. So she handed it back to her saying “No chitra, you keep this with you. I will buy it next month, when I get money”

After returning home that evening she told her mom about the pearl necklace.
Her mom said “your uncle came from village for treatment today. He is having severe fever since a week and coughing vigorously.
Whenever he coughs he spits sputum. I think he was attacked by TB.we have to bare his medical expenses.”
“Is it ma?”She asked in shocking tone.
“Yes. I am not sure whether it’s TB or not but the symptoms are like that only. In this situation how can I afford a pearl necklace for you? Your father is not a rich man. He is standing in the hot sun ironing clothes for our bread and butter and for your education.”
“Akka, Akka… ” Both kavitha and her mother turned to find saroja,their neighbor. she was dark and plump woman with a protruded teeth. she was a young widow with two small kids. She started a tailor shop after her husband’s death to run the family.
“Sorry to disturb you akka,I asked you to suggest some part time employee to stitch blouse hooks and shirt buttons na?
Now I got big order, so I need someone to do that work.”

Hearing this kavitha asked “how much is the pay Aunty?”
“25p per shirt and 50p per blouse”

immediately kavitha said “I will do that work aunty.”

“I’m very happy kavitha, but how will you study? ”asked aunty.

“I will manage aunty you don’t worry” she went with her to stitch buttons.

Kavitha was very happy for getting an opportunity to earn some money for her pearl necklace.but she knows that money not enough.
After finishing the work she returned home happily and had dinner.
While studying, she found a magazine which she borrowed from her friend the day before.

She flipped the pages for a while. Suddenly an advertisement captured her eye.
It was about short story competition .the first prize was 1000 rs, 500 rs as second prize, third prize was 200 rs and 50 rs as consolation prize.

“If I can write stories then I can buy that pearl necklace with that prize money, but I am not such a clever person” she thought to herself.
Then she switched off the lights and lied on the mat to sleep.

She kept tossing on mat. “How good I will look with that pearl set? I can wear it for my cousin marriage too”
she dreamt of wearing it on her soft neck.Thoughts of short story competition and the prize money was lingering in her mind.
she couldn’t get rid of the thoughts.

She thought, “Everyone says nothing is impossible.cant I write a story??? but writing a story is big issue for me”

She kept thinking. “I am not a genius to write a story, but if I write, I can buy the pearl necklace with the prize money”

“ok…let me give a try” she made up her mind and got up from bed, took that magazine and read again.

She started writing about an incident happened in her school days. At last after tearing many papers a story was born.

She edited the story and finished writing it.

“now, its ready to publish” she thought happily.

She posted the story the next morning while going to college.
As usual she stitched hooks for aunt and helped her mom in daily chores.
She doesn’t know whether her story will get published or not.
She prayed god to give her at least the consolation prize.

After few weeks she got a money order and a magazine.
They sent her the prize money and a copy of the magazine. She jumped in joy.
She won the first prize in short story competition. She couldn’t believe her eyes.
Her happiness knew no bounds. Everyone at home was happy for her.
Her mom filled her mouth with sugar to celebrate the happiness.
She gave the money to her mom and rejoiced.
Next day she bought the pearl necklace from chitra and put it on her mother’s neck and said
“Ma, Desire for buying this pearl necklace made me a writer”
Her mom kissed her and hugged with Pride and whispered “Hmmm, now I became writer’s mom”
They laughed happily…

******************** END *******************

April 20, 2010


Hello Everybody!!!
Welcome to my blog...
This is Prabhavathi.Here is my first blog.Iam writing a short story named "SACRIFICE".Hope you will like it.Will bring on more with all your love and blessings
Happy Reading...

A Short story
By Prabhavathi.K

Krithika was a first year science student, studying in Chennai. She was the first daughter to her parents, so her parents treated her like a princess. It was a fine evening. The setting sun is painting the sky with vibrant colours. few flights crossed with heavy noise. Birds returning back to their nest. school students are going to tuition. krithika enjoyed all these beautiful sights from her balcony while tasting her favorite bru coffee. Flower boy delivered flowers to her. When she unwrapped the flowers from the news paper, she noticed the column 'INK LINKS' with full of addresses. She studied about pen friendship in her school days. But, by that time she didn’t get an opportunity to make pen friends. So she thought to give a try now. She couldn't select anyone from the list so she thought to mail her address to get published. Later after few days while searching books in her cupboard. She found bunch of letters in her name. She read the letters with a surprise. Then she understood that her advertisement got published, seeing that Ad few persons written letters to her. She understood that many persons are looking for pen friendship across India. Most of the letters are from guys. She kept those letters back in the cupboard. But, one letter from coimbatore got her attention. It was from Tarun Kumar, a mechanical engineering student studying in PSG engineering college. He told that he got her address from one of his friend. He mentioned that his dad was in government service and mom was a home-maker and he had one younger brother, who is preparing for his board exams. His hand writing was like a child's scribbling. Hard to read. but still something attracted her. so she replied to him with her description. soon they became good friends. Daily after returning from college she used to check for his mails in her cupboard. Days passed happily. They spoke through letters. They talked about everything except themselves.
krithika's friends started teasing her by saying “how is your coimbatore mappilai?”Her reply was just a smile to them.
what they know about our friendship???she thought to herself.

In his next mail "krithi,my friend says 'macha,she is in love with you da...and he teases me by saying "KA KO TA which means Khadhal Kottai Tarun”she laughed after reading that letter.

But, she understood what he meant. he indirectly proposed her. But, she don’t want to react to that letter.
so simply replied “seems your friend watches more movies, that’s why he is thinking more that your friend doubt? or you started loving me???just kidding...don’t be serious. what he knew about our friendship? you don’t take it seriously. he might be making fun of you. you concentrate in your studies.”

he replied” no da...its just his words...we are good friends” she breathed happily with that reply. As days passed by...they exchanged their photos after one year of their friendship.
“you are very beautiful da...I showed your photo to all my friends. everyone said you are charming”.

he was also smart, good looking but that didn’t make any difference to her. she liked his character not his personality. For every festival he used to send greeting cards. he sends greetings even for republic day, Gandhi jayanthi and sometimes hello, remember me, miss you cards...but she never sent any. once she sent her hand painted card on his request. from then she started sending him cards once in a while. everyone knows how much krithi loves his friendship. he is also like her only. when she was sick for few days. she couldn’t write letters to him. at that time he was almost depressed and written many letters...

"if I have done anything wrong by mistake.then i am sorry da.please punish me as you wish but don’t punish me without writing letters I cannot tolerate your separation. At any cost,I don’t want to miss you in my life. daily iam checking my mailbox and getting disappointed without your letters.”
“oh my much love he is pouring on me? Am I worth for all these? Thank god for giving me such a wonderful friend for life time" while reading his letter krithika's eyes filled with tears.

she wrote him immediately about her health.iam not well da,that’s why I didn’t write letters to you.”

“I know you might be having some valid reason for not writing me but still I couldn’t tolerate. you know what was the turning point in my life? it was the day I received the first letter from you. yes da...its you who moulded my life beautifully. you made me a poet with your poems, you made a painter with your paintings. you made me someone special among my friends. what else you are going to make me? my sweet angel?i want to hear your voice da,if you don’t mind could you call me to my hostel number or give your number.I will call you... please"

krithi was happy while reading his letter. he appreciates her for everything she do. they both are good in studies. she can feel his immense love for her. but she is helpless...she called him after two days to fulfill his small wish. they spoke only 'Hi, Hello, How are you? Fine, thank you, take care, bye" only that much.
He praised her voice in his next mail "wow...what a lovely voice you have da!!! cuckoo will fail in front of your voice."

he is the first person praising her voice. she thought all guys will praise girls like that only. but later when she gave a speech in college culturals.everyone appreciated her cute voice she never know that she got such a cute voice until he told her. he is simply great. pen friendship is some kind of nice feeling. one day she just bunked her college due to heavy down pouring of rain.

after breakfast she slept off while scribbling some paintings for tarun
"madam courier” shouted the courier guy.
His rough voice woke her up from her deep sleep. the rain stopped by that time. when she half opened her eyes to see who it is. Her uncle was standing in the gate, signing in the delivery form, receiving a parcel.

she thought it was for him, he have given their address for receiving letters from his office as he was staying in rented house. she waited for sometime expecting the parcel for her but he didn’t give it to her so she thought that it was for him. she slipped back into sleep to continue her colorful dreams. when she got up she found a valentine card with the words ‘To my valentine’ on it, beautiful stone embedded bangles, valentine gift with the word 'valentine, you add colors to my life' scattered on the table with the cover named TO KRITHIKA. she was more shocked than surprised to see those valentine's day gifts. my god it was gifts from Tarun for her on valentine's day.
Now she remembered the parcel received by her uncle.
"what a manner less fellow he is...!!! how dare is he to open my parcel without my permission" she got very angry, but he was not there by then.

None of her family members wont touch her letters. they give importance to others feelings. Their was a big meeting in her house that night at dinner time about that parcel and about her friendship with tarun.

"ma,he is just my friend.thats all. nothing else between him and me as your stupid brother told you. I swear ma...if you trust me or not iam not going to bother, because I know what I am.”

she went inside the room and slammed the door. That topic was stopped there, but war started in her. she lied on bed, thinking why he sent such gifts? is he in love with me??? if I didn’t accept his proposal means...then do I need to miss his friendship forever? But, how can I miss his friendship? She is totally confused. She don’t want to reply. So she stopped writing letters to him. She cannot discuss neither with friends nor with family as they are already making fun. she was in dilemma...whether to write or not…

he too didn't write to her. probably he might be waiting for her reply. finally she made up her mind to write a letter.
“ Tarun ,you are my best friend, my guide, philosopher, etc., no one understood me the way you understood,the way you encouraged. iam really lucky to have such a great friend like you, but I am not lucky enough to get you as my life partner. I never felt of loving you. I always seen you as one of my best friend. everyone thought I am loving you but I never had such kind of thoughts. why all you guys are like this. if a girl speaks friendly means why you takes it as love? because of you guys, parents suspects their daughters. That’s why they are not allowing girls to speak with guys. you are not a hero ajith kumar in the movie kadhal kottai and iam not heroine devayani to love each other without seeing in person. I never expected this from you.You want to do MS in USA na??? you have GRE and TOFEL exams next week na?prepare well for that. I don't think we can continue our friendship after you got this kind of thoughts. so lets separate as good friends. wish you good luck in all your future endeavor’s I hope you will appreciate my decision” she completed writing her last letter. was the last letter to her beloved friend. she couldn't control her tears. she don't know how to control her feelings. she winked off her tears when she heard someone's footsteps.

Days passed by...but there is no reply from him. she was restless. she couldn’t able to guess what he thought after reading her letter. she was completely depressed...she turned pale...she was not brisk like before. she stopped speaking with friends at college. no one seen her like that earlier. she was lost in her thoughts.

"what has happened to you krithika.why are you so dull?" asked her childhood buddy sneha in the lunch time.

"any problem between you and tarun???" asked hesitatingly. krithi burst into tears hugging her.

she never seen her best friend crying before. everyone calls her as "smily girl" as she handles everything positively with a smile on her face. But, now she is....she explained everything what has happened...after listening the whole story.

she asked calmly “you might have told YES to him rather than suffering like this”

she continued “I know how much you like him, he too loves you. you know him very well.
he is a very nice guy. then what is the problem in accepting his proposal?"

“yes sneha...he is a nice person that’s the problem...”

“what?” puzzled sneha “Are you hesitating because of your health?"

"No...According to me he is one of my best friend,that’s all I don’t have any other feeling other than that”she said firmly.

“I know why you are saying like this. You are worried about your are thinking that you will become a burden to him." Sneha said

“No..nothing like that”.

“Everything is ok.Without any feelings if you are suffering like this means,just think how much he will be suffering with love for you krithi?"questioned sneha .

She continued "he loved you so much since these years. he cannot tolerate a day without your letters. then how can you think that he will be happy now. he too will be suffering like you only na?” She was shocked by her words…

“Yes…she is right…he cannot tolerate a day without my letter…then how will he now?”

That evening she called to his hostel number they said “he vacated the hostel”
She searched for his residence number in his previous letters but she couldn’t find any. she tried all the numbers given by him but she couldn’t find him.Atlast she got his Email id from his friend.

She mailed him saying “Tarun I love you so much. now I realized what a blunder mistake I made by saying NO to your proposal. leave your parents and come tarun lets run away and get marry.” She knew his mind that he will never agree for this proposal. even though he loved her immensely he will hate her for this mail. She reached home happily with content of well executing her plan.

Next morning she got a call from the net cafe girl “madam, you got reply for your mail, which you sent from my mail id yesterday"

"really, read it out for me...”she asked her in a requesting tone.

“ Dear krithika,what you have decided earlier is right. as per your wish iam going to USA to pursue my MS. lets separate as friends happily and try to reach our goals. be happy. wish you good luck’ bye" Krithika Thanked that girl and banged the phone happily. She knew that he will never think of her again in his life...She got him out of depression, but who will get her out of this pain of missing a true friend???

---------------------------- END -------------------------------