September 24, 2020

September 20, 2020

July 30, 2020

Keyboard Playing & Learning in Corona Holidays

Chit Chat with Chaat... Paani poori mania

Carrot Dosa ... yum...

Yummy Carrot Dosa prepared by my brother.... He made this in lock down for me and all the family members.

It is so yum and really happy seeing his cooking skills. before marriage he never did such things. but now look at the Dosa how colourful it is with loads of grated carrot and chopped onions as topping.

As I am diet conscious, I said no to Cheese on top of it... But it tastes too good with cheese topping on it... It is so delicious with the combo of butter, onion and carrot...


July 1, 2020

Yoga time

My Little darling is doing yoga while i were enjoying the sunrays  of the beautiful morning the lock down.
He is Posing the Kapotasana and he had won many yoga competitions.
for more dtails check out my youtube Channel Prabha on wheels Tamil

Fragrance of Red & White

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all doing good and staying safe in current scenario of COVID -19. In this Stressful pandemic situation i had brought some colourful beauties from my terrace garden which spread its pleasant fragrance and relaxes our mind. These jasmine flowers does all the magic with its fragrance while the other attracts through its colour. 

June 30, 2020

Tiktok offers a powerful platform for content creators

Every Individual has become a Tiktoker using the short video creator app, Tiktok. This app allows the users to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos. It also features music in the background and also helps to add their own sound on top of the background music. The video app offers an endless scroll of creativity and entertainment in 15-second snippets.

TikTok is the most downloaded app on the App Store in 2018 and 2019 and it was available in over 150 markets and in 75 languages. The app gives you everything along with the singalongs and leaps.

TikTok has creatively connected the audience to a multicultural environment. The newly upgraded platform offers greater capabilities for video creation and allows creators to enjoy the opportunity to reach a bigger and more diverse global audience.

By providing an intuitive, creative and personalized visualization experience, TikTok enables its community to create and discover tomorrow's trends.

Creators from different horizons: fashion, music, dance, makeup come together on this platform to create content that is celebrated among our audiences across the nation.

Many individuals have become popular using this mobile app to showcase their talent. One among them is Sameeksha. She is Tiktoker and known for comedy video clips, dance videos, and performs lip-syncs. She has even earned the precious badge for being an ace TikTok comedian.

The song Tu Bhi Royega got huge popularity in Tiktok. She is become more famous for her “Teentigada” gang.

The other famous Tiktok celebrity is the young and charming Manjul Khattar. He got 12.2 Million followers. He started posting videos of singing and dancing. He also plays musical instruments like Guitar, piano, tabla, drums and conga.

The opportunities that Tiktok brings in as a platform for creators is wonderful. It gives a platform equal for people from all parts of the country, from any culture or society, to create a video to showcase their talent.

It encourages them to be very creative and has become very popular for all ages of audience. TikTok enables everyone to be a creator and encourages users to share their passion and creative expression through their videos.

June 22, 2020

Say NO to Plastics

Food packed in plastic is dangerous. Look at thepicture  below. when i ordered fod online. how is how sambar and chutneys packed in polythene bags.

I stopped ordering in hotels to avaoid buying food in packed in plastic.
Lets join hands and Say NO to Plastic.

June 12, 2020

Sharing Load by Love with Love in the Lockdown

My Crucial time started on the day of India has announced Nationwide lock down due to the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the month of march 2020.

Yes, Because i was already so disturbed and depressed at that time because, all of a sudden my Mom got mild Stroke which led to Bypass surgery later. Everything happened in a very quick span of time. At the end of february, she underwent angiogram and in the first week of march she underwent bypass surgery due to blocks in the heart.

I was totally collapsed because mom is my backbone but then she is lying on bed with all kind of machines attached to her body she couldn’t able to speak. seeing her in such a state I got shattered. 

She is everything to me but now she is on bed and I am in wheelchair. I don’t know how I am going to manage office and home.

Luckily, Mom got discharged from hospital before the lockdown She became completely dull and weak and needs care. So I decided to shift her to brother's house as she needs complete rest and care after the bypass surgery.

As I went to office after long leave, the nationwide lockdown announced and things came to standstill. Everything had changed in life drastically.

For the very first time, I started leading my life without the help of Mom. Said No to maids to avoid the spread. Purchased grocery and veggies online. Completely locked inside home. All these days mom used to comb and braid my hair. I cannot raise my hands to braid due to surgeries and lot of implants in the hands and shoulders. I combed my hair and let it free but due to hot weather in Chennai it will be quite irritating due to sweating. I thought of chopping my hair into a boycut as i couldn’t manage long hair without the help of my Mom, but my husband didn’t let me to do so. He came for the rescue to tie the hair using a catchy clip. Initially the clip slips often letting the hair loose hair as he don’t know to clip the hair and it has become a hectic task for him. So I will ask him to hold the hair and twist it till the end and attach the twisted hair to the head using the catchy clip and later he learnt to tie atop bun using the clip. Practice makes a man perfect. Yeah of course, not only that my hubby helped me in chopping veggies and we will cook together with the help of induction stove and at times we even make some crunchies to munch in the evening watching tv. 

Dad used to water the plants on the terrace and helps in cleaning vessels, prepares tea and breakfast for us. We three of us managed to live without the help of others and we didn’t allowed dad outside the gate as he is in his 70s.

Washing is one the biggest task that I have to face then. Again hubby came to rescue. As I  add washing powder to the bucket of water he soaks the clothes in the soap water. Then we let it soak of a while. Once it soaks for an hour I will start to brush the clothes and wash the clothes with hands, he helps in rinsing and taking it to the terrace to let out to dry. It is really a tough task. I was planning to buy a washing machine to reduce the burden of washing, but unfortunately mom got hospitalized and underwent bypass surgery. Now we are in debts due to unexpected medical expense. My dream of purchasing washing machine still remains as a dream. Washing with hands is really a pain for a working and disabled woman like me. If my hubby is not there at this crucial moment, I might suffered much more.

Mom was doing all these things without anyone help all these years. She even washes my hair and braids it regularly. She prepares lunch for  eveyone and packs for me. but still I complain at times. but now My Hubby came to my rescue. yes... my hubby became my second mom.

After the washing part, our stomach starts grumbling, the gas stove in my house is fixed high on the top as per mom’s choice, and it is out of my reach to cook. Again hubby came to help me. I will sit in the wheelchair and guide him in the preparation and as per my instructions he started cooking for the first time in his life. Every time we cook, I will make him to pick all the required ingredients in the beginning and I will chop vegetables for the recipe and we will start cooking. All our recipes turned out good and dad enjoyed it. Sometimes salt will be less otherwise food is overall good. Dad also cooks sometimes. That’s how we managed our quarantine days.

Amongst all the work my hubby drops and picks me from office.

He is really my betterhalf… no no my best half I should say…  yes… he is my world... my life and my everything…

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Pichavaram mangrove forest

Hello Everyone...

Hope All of you are doing Good and safe from Covid-19.

Today i am going to share the sweet memories of my trip to pichavaram mangrove forest.

It was a amazing trip with my family. I have shared the beautiful view of the pichavaram mangrove forest in my youtube Channel,

You can find the video in youtube as "Prabha on Wheels Telugu" or simply clck the below link.

Biscuit Cake

Hello friends,
Hope you all doing good and staying safe at home in this Lock down.
Covid cases are increasing day by day in Chennai and its time to be safe and stay home folling the safety measures..

So being at home kids and elders need something to relish so here is my version of Biscuit cake..
Just Two Ingredients and you can make a yummy cake.

Yeah really ... when i said two ingredients yeah its just two.. You dont even need a Oven for baking this cake. just a Idly cooker or a pan is enough.
if you want to try the recipe. Check out my Youtube link  "Prabha on Wheels English".

June 1, 2020

Aloo Crispies

Today I am sharing Aloo crispies with you all. You can munch it hot while watching a movie at home in this lock down period or one can eat as a side dish with rice.
It goes well with anything. One thing for sure is that the plate will be empty as soon as you fry them. 

Try it and leave your comments. 

November 29, 2019

Designer Clutch purses collection and review

Hello friends welcome back....
Today I am going to share some of my clutch purses collection with you all...

You Can check my YouTube video below.

August 9, 2019

Varamahalakshmi Pooja

Hello Everyone...
Wishing you all Happy Varalakshmi varatham.
Today I am celebrating Varalakshmi Vratham at home. This is the first time Iam celebrating this pooja after marriage and also very first time i am going to make Maa Lakshmi ka Idol.
Yes... I always love to decorate Maa lakshmi idol every year but i dont have an idol we use to celebrate with a picture of Lakshmi maata.

This year i thought of making an idol. But I dont have any idea and mom was trying something with the coconut. suddenly an struck in my crafty mind and the creator in me started moulding the idol in mind. I took a Coconut and a pocket of turmeric powder. and geared up  to sculpt. I am not sure how it is going to turn out

Now i mixed the turmeric with water and made a fine thick paste. started moulding  the forehead, then the eyes, nose, cheecks, cjin and lips. the features turned out somewhat ok. then moulded the ears. one ear will fell down when i fix the another one. finally everything got ready.
now the colouring part is done with my cosmetics ...

This is how our Maa lakshmi accepted my poja on the day of Varalakshmi pooja and blessed us with love. Some of the pictures of Maa ji.

July 30, 2019

Book Review - Shhh! Don't Talk About Mental Health by Arjun Gupta

Hello Everyone…

Today I am going to Review a newly launched Book - Shhh! Don't Talk About Mental Health by Arjun Gupta
The Title of the book and the three monkeys on the cover page grabbed my attention and I couldn’t resist to give it a read. The author has very neatly presented his thoughts in a very different perspective supported with hard work and research.
People still lack awareness about mental illness and address the mentally sick people  by names like Lunatic, insane, wild, and unstable. The ill-treatment towards those people is still on. Not like the olden days they have not beaten or chained today but the most sophisticated methods have been used. Their family, friends, and society abandon them or keep their distance, which makes them more isolated and tend to harm themselves.
Yashasvi at the age of 19 suffer from clinical depression, and it took him two long years to recover. The story focuses on the history of depression, clique theories, and the mentality of society towards the sufferer. Back in 500 to 1400 CE, people believed that the mind of a mentally ill was possessed by a demon and the priests do lotta this and that’s to get rid of the spirit. In 1247, Bethlem hospital was established in London for the mentally sick, but they were chained, beaten, and experimented on.
The most interesting part of the book is the historical facts about the Mentall Illness, the treatment, the stigmas attached to it and the prejudice.
He also talks about the people in the past, who had brought fruitful changes in  the society. One among them is Clifford Beers, He developed depression and suffered physical abuse, humiliation, and mistreatment, but he overcame and wrote a book. Though he was neither a doctor nor a psychiatrist, his work is highly honoured and he is considered as a father of Mental Health in America.

Mentally depressed person should be treated with utmost love and care which plays a major role in their recovery. If a person didn't get the timely care, and support from their family and friends, they tend to isolate themselves that leads to self-harm. One should need to understand and identify the symptoms of mental illness and get treated immediately..
 The book deals with a notion which is not considered paramount. The difference between mental and physical illness, emotional intelligence, the biopsychosocial model, the role of media and movies played, the stigma and stress comes with the disorder are explained in a subtle language. When the voices in your head become your worst enemy, the pain is unbearable. The emotional outbursts, angriness, and suicidal thoughts make a person more miserable and vulnerable. So instead of telling them to get over with it or get a life, try to understand their situation. Don't ignore, rant, or scold them. Talk to them when they are comfortable and ready. I would recommend this book and Kudos to the Author.

My Rating - 5 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Notion Press
Genre - Psychology
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English
Pages - 203

This Book review is a part of  Blogchatter Book review Program

June 25, 2019

Inside my Hand bag.

Hello Friends
Welcome to my blog....

Today I am going to reveal the secret. yeah I am going to show you whats in my Hand bag???

OK first let me you my Hand bag, which is a red Colour Butterfly handbag. Actually it is a gift from my sister. I never purchase handbags and cosmetics. because my sister always purchases those products for me before it get worn out.

So this is my Beautiful bag. I am using this bag for the past two years it is still good and i hope it will last till this year end.

Then, inside my handbag in one side of my first compartment there are two pockets. In one pocket i keep my mobile and in the other i will keep my ID card, head set and small plastic box which contains a pen drive, OTG and a bluetooth ear phone. My hubby gave me this bluetooth ear phone and OTG. The bat shaped Pen drive is a gift from Blogger for an article some time back. This beautiful  key chain with key of my office drawer is kinderjoy toy gifted by the little ones. This is so special to me.

Coming to the first compartment, there will be a scribbling pad and a purse. Scribbling pad I use to write anything & everything that comes into my mind. my passport size photo and few cards. Its neither debit nor credit cards its only just Business cards that some one gives me. I dont carry money in my purse as my hubby drops me and picks me from office. so very rarely i will have money in my purse otherwise it will be there for naam ke vaasthu.

In my second compartment. Coolers will be there to protect my eyes from scorching sun as i travel in bike with my hubby. My mom & hubby keeps a small dry fruits box  to keep me energetic with so much of love and care as I skip my breakfast frequently. But I forget to eat that also. That is a different story.then a small container of  pain balm. then a small pouch of cosmetics which has few make up products like nivea lip moisturizer with strawberry flavour. lakme compact powder, Elle 18 eye liner, bindi and kumkum container and a comb.

A sanitary napkin in the middle zip for safety purpose.

Pen will be there in the front zip.

These are the things that i carry in my bag.


June 17, 2019

Silver Hair Sins

Title - Silver Hair Sins

Author - Saumick Pal

Cover Design - AuthorsUp Front

Genre- Fiction, Publisher - The Write Place

Hello Everyone...

This is Prabhavathi as you all know...

Today I am going to Review book named  Silver Hair Sins by Saumick Pal.

This Book was sent to me by the Author . I  received this book on a fine sunday morning through Amazon and i read this book in a single go as it has just 166 pages.The language is simple and easy to read & understand.

Oh my God, I forget to tell you the unique feature of this book.  Silver Hair Sins is one of India’s first visual-fiction, with more than half of the thriller narrated by cinematized photographs. The story is crisp without any boring,lenghty and unwanted explainations.

the story has been set in future towards the end of 21st century. During that time, the religion and political divide has reached its peak, and technology steps in to save humanity. all the religions are emrged to create ‘One God AI’ (Artificial Intelligence)

 The story revolves around Akbar, Meera, Azad, Aasma and Mary. What do they go through  with the silver chip infused in their bodies. which  had all the details stored which included the criminal activities of the citizen. The evolution of human life and how it gets integrated into technology in the future has been portrayed in this novel.

Kudos to the author for bringing up the fresh content which takes the curiosity to next.  I would definitely recommend this perfect weekend read and 4 stars out of five.... 

June 8, 2019

plumeria love

I  clicked this picture infront of Orange flats in Vadapalani. actually i like these flowers  very much sometime back i used to decorate my urli with these beauties. Now these flowers were out of my reach because those flowers are almost near first floor. so i just captured the pink plumeria flowers in my Samsung Galaxy mobile sitting on my hubby bike.

June 7, 2019

Piece of Cake

Hello Everyone...
welcome to my page... here is another weekend and I am inviting you all to have piece of this tasty piece of cake on the birthday of the princess.

Every month we have either a birthday or a wedding day celebration either in my office or at home. so its always fun and joy.

June 2, 2019

Lets Celebrate Parents Day

While going through the old trunk of my Dad. Today i Found this Beautiful Photograph of my loving  Parents. though it is in Black and white. it is so pretty and they look amazing. Mom looks like a old telugu film heroine and dad looks like the famous actor Nageswara rao 
I love my parents....

Girly Things

Marble treasure box is my mom's gift which i love a lot because its my moms gift and secondly for its intricate carvings with a tiny lock. i stored some of my accessorises in this box.

I love bangles and i have all variety of Bangles like glass, metal, lacquer, mud, thread and many more. after purchasing this Bangle stand it was pretty easy for me to store the bangles.

i brought this Bangle stand at Kalahasti. it has six holding stems with neatly varnished rose wood. so i like it so much.

This round shaped blue treasue box is a gift from my SIL, the best part of this box is... it has s small mirror inside.

Bangles that i have bought in the Chudi Bazzar in Hyderabad is now dangling in my bangle stand. isnt that look nice....????

Guthi Vankaya for Food Carnival

Food Carnival at Kids school is a Master chef competition for parents. Yes the boy  has to take some Andhra Dish and present in the Food carnival conducted in his school. So finally The Gutthi Vankaya koora is ready for the competition.

Pinky Bright bougainvillea

actually i clicked this picture in the evening. that is why  i couldnt able to capture the colour  

Tiny idol of Meenakshi amman

This is  the cutest tiny of Meenatchi amman idol. Every Friday mom takes so much pain to clean the tiny idols and pooja items that is made of brass.

I love the this tiny idol and today i got the opportunity to click the snap of the mathaji.

Jai mata di.

Barbie Doll for Baby Girl

Barbie dolls are meant for baby girls. yeah you are right. This pretty bluee barbie doll is a gift from my brother for the little Gudiya rani who is his pretty niece.

infact i love this doll very much. so i dont want to unbox the doll. but my niece was so adamant to open it so we opened it and i grabbed a click.

May 29, 2019

My Granny

My Granny is a very strong women and a hard worker. She was such an amazing person who was so active... no no hyper active till her death. She cooked her food, washed clothes what not... She did everything my her own till the end. She passed away at the age of  80 years due to Kidney failure.

Miss you so much Gran... Love you ever....

May 19, 2019

Gulmohar Love

HI and Hello...
Gulmohar is one of my favourite tree that blooms in summer with dark red flowers...

I am happy and lucky to have tree in my office campus and very much to see this summer blooms. it always brings back the nostalgic moments of my childhood.

Birthday of the Dolly

Helooo Everyone....

Here I am Celebrating another brithday party of Haarika with so much joy. This time we are another different cake, i mean it is a rainbow cake for the darling doll. 

Barbie Doll for the Baby Doll

Barbie doll cake for the lovely baby doll on her Birthday.

May 17, 2019

Clothes folding in seconds

Gudiya rani bring the clothes from the terrace ma. She refused to do the work as she had severe legs due to March practising so she asked her brother to do instead. He too refused  and the quarrell begin between them.

Somehow i had convinced them and  requested the little boy to bring down the clothes as the sun is setting down and we should not let the clothes till dusk. so he brought the clothes. then i asked him to fold the clothes watching tv. i also added that i will hot samosas while he folds the clothes. he agreed saying that not to give any samosa as she didn't do any work.

In my childhood, i used to help my mom with all this house while my brother used to play outside with friends either Goli(marbles) or top. By the time it is a routine work in our childhood. early morning starts with cooking of breakfast, then washing clothes and drying them. cleaning the vessels and again cooking for lunch. Preparation of lunch is not an easy task those days. Masalas and chutneys has to ground by hand using the old aged stones.

Now due to development in technology, Mixer Grinder, juicer, blender, Wet grinder, Washing machine has been came into use to ease the work of the women toiling themselves in kitchen. Technology has changed the grinding and washing machines but the task remained same for women. when comes to household chores, everyone thinks it’s a women’s task???? I don't know who nurtured this strategy.

women are equally working like men and lending their hand to support financially. so Men should also so-operate women and help her at home. to bring this change, we have to start teaching our little ones since from their childhood.

So my lovely chellakutty is readily available at all times to me. Clothes folding is not an easy task when comes to fold the seven yards saree of mom & Granny, the lengthy dhothi of Grandpa and the heavy big blankets and bed covers. Other than these clothes folding is ok ok task. Generally I love to fold small clothes in my childhood to help my mom.

Now the little boy is doing the same along with his sister. He brings all the sun dried clothes from the terrace as I or my mom can't climb the stairs of two floors. He simply run through the stairs and picks all the clothes sometimes along with the clips that we kept on the clothes from flying away. So here is video of cloth folding of my little darling.

Now he had learnt to fold the clothes as well along with other household chores. He will always be there to lend hand to me. When I reach the home by cab he immediately runs to the door and helps me to climb down the cab to the wheelchair.

He is such a sweetheart. Here is the short video of my darling folding clothes in seconds.

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May 16, 2019

My Birthday Celebrations

Birthday cakes that are bought by brother on my Birthdays... a simple way of expressing love with sweet surprise