June 17, 2019

Silver Hair Sins

Title - Silver Hair Sins

Author - Saumick Pal

Cover Design - AuthorsUp Front

Genre- Fiction, Publisher - The Write Place

Today I am Going to share my views about the book named Silver Hair Sins by Saumick Pal.

The Book was sent to me by the Author of the book. So Here is my Review of Silver Hair Sins.

Silver Hair Sins is one of India’s first visual-fiction, with more than half of the thriller narrated by cinematized photographs.

I seriously wonder as to how these pictures were conceptualized for the fact that very much complement the story which story is set in the future, towards the end of the 21st century.

During that time when the religion and political divide has reached its peak, and technology steps in to save humanity. Here, Artificial Intelligence merges all religions to create ‘One God AI’

While reading the book I felt that i have been watching a Sci-Fi movie. The sinners were categorized and they were controlled by Silver Chips infused in their body which  had all the details stored which included the criminal activities of the citizen.

The story revolves around Akbar, Meera, Azad, Aasma and Mary. What do they go through has been beautifully captured in this gripping novel which would keep you guessing till the end. The evolution of human life and how it gets integrated into technology in the future has been portrayed in minute detail in this novel.

  • The book has 166 pages only so i read it in one go.
  •  The story is crisp without any lengthy explanations.
  • The language is simple and easy to read
  • Narration of the story is superb and easily takes into the future, like  humans embedded with silver chips etc.
  • The brilliant use of cinematized photographs leaves a strong visual impact which took the narration to another level.
  • Most Importantly the characterisation is very thoughtful and keeps the curiosity level high.
  • Above all, the title aptly fits the story and cover complements it pretty well.

So I rate this book 4 stars and I would definitely recommend this perfect weekend read. 

June 8, 2019

plumeria love

I  clicked this picture infront of Orange flats in Vadapalani. actually i like these flowers  very much sometime back i used to decorate my urli with these beauties. Now these flowers were out of my reach because those flowers are almost near first floor. so i just captured the pink plumeria flowers in my Samsung Galaxy mobile sitting on my hubby bike.

June 7, 2019

Piece of Cake

Hello Everyone...
welcome to my page... here is another weekend and I am inviting you all to have piece of this tasty piece of cake on the birthday of the princess.

Every month we have either a birthday or a wedding day celebration either in my office or at home. so its always fun and joy.

June 2, 2019

Lets Celebrate Parents Day

While going through the old trunk of my Dad. Today i Found this Beautiful Photograph of my loving  Parents. though it is in Black and white. it is so pretty and they look amazing. Mom looks like a old telugu film heroine and dad looks like the famous actor Nageswara rao 
I love my parents....

Girly Things

Marble treasure box is my mom's gift which i love a lot because its my moms gift and secondly for its intricate carvings with a tiny lock. i stored some of my accessorises in this box.

I love bangles and i have all variety of Bangles like glass, metal, lacquer, mud, thread and many more. after purchasing this Bangle stand it was pretty easy for me to store the bangles.

i brought this Bangle stand at Kalahasti. it has six holding stems with neatly varnished rose wood. so i like it so much.

This round shaped blue treasue box is a gift from my SIL, the best part of this box is... it has s small mirror inside.

Bangles that i have bought in the Chudi Bazzar in Hyderabad is now dangling in my bangle stand. isnt that look nice....????

Guthi Vankaya for Food Carnival

Food Carnival at Kids school is a Master chef competition for parents. Yes the boy  has to take some Andhra Dish and present in the Food carnival conducted in his school. So finally The Gutthi Vankaya koora is ready for the competition.

Pinky Bright bougainvillea

actually i clicked this picture in the evening. that is why  i couldnt able to capture the colour  

Tiny idol of Meenakshi amman

This is  the cutest tiny of Meenatchi amman idol. Every Friday mom takes so much pain to clean the tiny idols and pooja items that is made of brass.

I love the this tiny idol and today i got the opportunity to click the snap of the mathaji.

Jai mata di.

Barbie Doll for Baby Girl

Barbie dolls are meant for baby girls. yeah you are right. This pretty bluee barbie doll is a gift from my brother for the little Gudiya rani who is his pretty niece.

infact i love this doll very much. so i dont want to unbox the doll. but my niece was so adamant to open it so we opened it and i grabbed a click.

May 29, 2019

My Granny

My Granny is a very strong women and a hard worker. She was such an amazing person who was so active... no no hyper active till her death. She cooked her food, washed clothes what not... She did everything my her own till the end. She passed away at the age of  80 years due to Kidney failure.

Miss you so much Gran... Love you ever....

May 19, 2019

Gulmohar Love

HI and Hello...
Gulmohar is one of my favourite tree that blooms in summer with dark red flowers...

I am happy and lucky to have tree in my office campus and very much to see this summer blooms. it always brings back the nostalgic moments of my childhood.

Birthday of the Dolly

Helooo Everyone....

Here I am Celebrating another brithday party of Haarika with so much joy. This time we are another different cake, i mean it is a rainbow cake for the darling doll. 

Barbie Doll for the Baby Doll

Barbie doll cake for the lovely baby doll on her Birthday.

May 17, 2019

Clothes folding in seconds

Gudiya rani bring the clothes from the terrace ma. She refused to do the work as she had severe legs due to March practising so she asked her brother to do instead. He too refused  and the quarrell begin between them.

Somehow i had convinced them and  requested the little boy to bring down the clothes as the sun is setting down and we should not let the clothes till dusk. so he brought the clothes. then i asked him to fold the clothes watching tv. i also added that i will hot samosas while he folds the clothes. he agreed saying that not to give any samosa as she didn't do any work.

In my childhood, i used to help my mom with all this house while my brother used to play outside with friends either Goli(marbles) or top. By the time it is a routine work in our childhood. early morning starts with cooking of breakfast, then washing clothes and drying them. cleaning the vessels and again cooking for lunch. Preparation of lunch is not an easy task those days. Masalas and chutneys has to ground by hand using the old aged stones.

Now due to development in technology, Mixer Grinder, juicer, blender, Wet grinder, Washing machine has been came into use to ease the work of the women toiling themselves in kitchen. Technology has changed the grinding and washing machines but the task remained same for women. when comes to household chores, everyone thinks it’s a women’s task???? I don't know who nurtured this strategy.

women are equally working like men and lending their hand to support financially. so Men should also so-operate women and help her at home. to bring this change, we have to start teaching our little ones since from their childhood.

So my lovely chellakutty is readily available at all times to me. Clothes folding is not an easy task when comes to fold the seven yards saree of mom & Granny, the lengthy dhothi of Grandpa and the heavy big blankets and bed covers. Other than these clothes folding is ok ok task. Generally I love to fold small clothes in my childhood to help my mom.

Now the little boy is doing the same along with his sister. He brings all the sun dried clothes from the terrace as I or my mom can't climb the stairs of two floors. He simply run through the stairs and picks all the clothes sometimes along with the clips that we kept on the clothes from flying away. So here is video of cloth folding of my little darling.

Now he had learnt to fold the clothes as well along with other household chores. He will always be there to lend hand to me. When I reach the home by cab he immediately runs to the door and helps me to climb down the cab to the wheelchair.

He is such a sweetheart. Here is the short video of my darling folding clothes in seconds.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad  TASK4 # in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda‘ Ariel #ShareTheLoad

May 16, 2019

My Birthday Celebrations

Birthday cakes that are bought by brother on my Birthdays... a simple way of expressing love with sweet surprise

May 12, 2019

Amma....the name of Love...

Amma...the name of love... I love my amma so much.... Today is Mothers Day and iam posting the Beautiful Photos of Amma...

Just a two weeks before Amma got mild Stroke and hospitalised. I was panicked and kept mumbling praying and wiping off the tears. Everyone tried to consoled me but in vain. I am very much attached to amma then my siblings. I love her so much.

Luckily God had heard my prayers and gave my mamma  back safely to me. still she is under medication and feeling kinda weak. I am very super happy as she is with me and want to be with me forever....

So Amma, wish you happy Mothers Day Amma.... Long Live Amma with same smile forever....

May 11, 2019

Popsicle Mania

Summer is here and so the summer vacations... Thinking of some creative stuff to keep your kids busy.... Just two things is enough to get really crafty...

Have you ever thought of turning the popsicle sticks into a  home decor using your magic h(w)and ?
if not try these ones... You turn is trash into treasure by drizzling your creativity. we can make lamp shades, Pen stands, Flower vases,jewellery box and even wall clock... now lets take a glue & sticks and get crafty this summer.

Decorate your home with some creative stuff made by yourself instead of spending your hard earned money.

Turn your leisure tome into a treasure. you can do lot many things with the popsicle sticks.

Manikandan Birthday

Manikandan Birthday celebrations at office with the New CAO (Mr.Varadharajan SIr). That was the first and last birthday he celebrated in our office as he left the office.

Rakhi is ready..

Toddlers turn

Tiny little adorable feet with the Kappu...

white Hibiscus

Coastal Village Near Bay of Bengal

I went to a Coastal Village in Andhra Apadesh Near Bay of Bengal.... This is the temple in that village... very small but nice....