October 22, 2018

Spoon magic

Spoons generally is used thrown away. But Here is simple way to make magic with these use & throw spoons.
what we need is little bit of creativity and little more patience. 
look at the beautiful Sun flower wall decor.

This Beautiful Peacock is also made of Spoons.

Can you imagine a candle holder with spoons? yeah... here is the lovely piece of art.
Candle holder
Blue hued Flower vases is also made out of spoons which is the centre piece on the table.

Pretty white lillies are another example.

Look at the Ostrich Egg or you can name it as Easter egg.

And These are the Lamp shades that can be made with just spoons... isn' t that looks lovely?

So put your creativity into action and make this Diwali more colourful and bright.

*Picture Courtesy:Google

Doodle fun

Whenever i get time either i write something or doodle something.
This one i doodled in my leisure time.

Relaxing time

Musical time

Posing Lady

October 17, 2018

Zentangle Art

The Art of tangling the lines, curves, dotes are called Zentangle. The Zentangle  is a simple method of learning the drawing in a creative way with no boundaries. This art doesn’t need big Canvass or a palette of colours with a bunch of brushes. We can just draw structured patterns in tangles with combinations of dots, lines, simple curves and orbs on small pieces of paper.. Here is some of my tangles.

Zentangle art is non-representational and unplanned so you can focus on each stroke and not worry about the result. One can most easily create Zentangle art by keeping your hand in a relaxed position. You don't need to know what a tangle is going to look like to draw it. You just need to know the steps. The result will be a delightful surprise.

We believe that life is an art form and that each person is an artist. The Zentangle Method is an elegant metaphor and model for inspiring a deliberate artistry in life.

People of all ages, skills and interests enjoy the Zentangle Method all over this world. The Zentangle Method's "elegance of limits" paradoxically inspires creativity with its gentle boundaries and structured patterns. These so-called limits enhance creativity and support a greater freedom of expression.
My Art

Zentangle art was the key to the door of greater freedom of expression, where one can describe their experiences as other artists describe the states of mindfulness and flow. No lengthy practice is needed to tangle the art of zentangle. Tangling will  set your creativity free! With no preconceived idea of exactly how a piece will finish up, it just lets the creativity to flow in the  way that no other art will do.

This is one of the easiest way to get rid of stress and increases your creative skills. So Here I Tangle my pen to dangle around the paper with a masterpiece of Zentangle.

Here is the Zentangle art of my Niece.

Art by Niece

October 8, 2018

T for Thread

Thread and needle is a good combo for sewing. Thread generally is used for sewing and embroidery work.but wonders can be done with this simple thread.

Thread Painting is not so messy art that I have learnt in my school days to make some greetings cards for friends and relatives.  Generally in those days red ink and blue ink is used to draw different types of florals designs and patterns on the card. pulling the ink coated thread from the card is fun.

Thread jewellery is a recent craze among young girls to pretty ladies which is available in matching colours. The jewellery has a wide range from vivacious colours of bangles, dangling Jumkas and various designs in neck pieces..  

Thread Art:

Thread art is basically made to décor the home dipping the thread in the glue and shape it as per our requirement  and it  turns out to be centre piece when sprayed some paints on it.

Tassels :

Tassels are made out of bunch of colourful silky thread that are sold to adore the costumes of the girls and to dangle on the edge of the saree pallus /  blouses of the ladies.

Krishna Janmastami

Janmastami means the birthday of Lord Krishna. Krishna is the most cutest and beautiful god in black. The Bala Krishna Looks so Cute and addoreable with the peacock feather on the head which resembles like a crown on his head.

Janmastami is  a festival of Children. Yeah all the little toddlers in the houses will be dressed up as little Krishna with loads of jewellery and make over and the little girls will become the pretty Radha’ s in their colourful costumes and perform a lovely dance.   

On the Janmastami or Gokulastami day we use to draw foot prints of little Krishna from threshold to pooja room expecting him to visit everyone’s house and shower the blessings.

This little Krishna is brought from Madura by my parents and the jhula was a gift from my friend Saurab in Delhi.

So the little Krishna is colourfully dressed and placed in the Jhula decorated with fresh flowers eating butter, which is his favourite one along with all other delicacies.

Mom bought a flute for him to play some nice music after the pooja rituals. So hope you have also enjoy the festival and got the blessings...

A Return Gift

We have arranged a small farewell party for the our Additional Project Director (Devendiran) who was transferred to Employment department.
We bought a Titan wrist watch for him as a farewell gift and small tea party. He is nice person and hard worker too. We all gave speech about him. Our Executive Director, Project Director and Chief account officer gave a speech and finally ED has facilitated him with the watch followed by a Shawl. After the party, to our surprise he gave each and every one a Return Gift and a wall clock for our Office.
Here is my gift a glittering Govinda…

October 7, 2018

A Blind Date with the World

Blind date with the world. Huh... I got married in March 2018 from then planning for a honeymoon to Andaman Nicobar islands.

I am always longing for a Blind date with the world where I can explore new things, meet people, learn different customs and of course enjoy to the core.

It was my wish to fly around the world. Though it not my hobby I love to travel. It gives new experience. New joy.

I got married in march this year from then, we are planning to go for a honeymoon to Andaman islands. But unfortunately we couldn’t make it up till now. I have heard of the great views of the lagoon filled islands, the beautiful  white sanded , aqua blue beaches of Andaman and ofcourse I would like to explore the cellular jail in day for a clear view and night for the sound and light show. The beauty of North Bay island, Neil Island: Natural Bridge and the ferry rides between the islands. natural rock arch, sunset point and Ramnagar beach where certain activities are available such as glass bottom boat rides and snorkeling.

I would love to go to gorgeous Radhanagar Beach which is  billed as the most beautiful beach of Asia. A glass bottom boat ride in the North Bay Island and the lighthouse.

the Havelock island  is famous for its beaches . I love to have stroll in sun basking Elephant beach and then love to have some fun in the colorful underwater enjoying the views of the  Reef by scuba diving at Barefoot Scuba

Heard of Ross Island has a lot of ruins of the bygone era such as bakery, church, bungalows.  Samudrika Museum has different species of the underwater universe such as corals, shells, fishes etc and another museum was the Anthropological museum which mainly concentrates on the various tribal groups residing in those isolated group of islands.

 Travelling to some beautiful location with my soulmate will be a very beautiful experience and the memories with be cherished and get etched in the mind for ever. Hope my dream will come true soon

# The Blindlist   # Say Yes to the World...

Taking a break

A Dog in our office is relaxing  in the playground of Women ITI campus in a lousy evening without bothering about the noise of the flying flights dark clouds.
When I said JUJU look here,  it shook his head quickly and posed from the place without moving a bit.

Munchy time

Po…ta..to… The magic vegetable that is loved by all. It has a magical taste which keeps lingering in the mouth and makes everyone to carve for it from Deep fried French fries to crispy spicy chips.
When it comes to potato chips, a best snack to munch in evening or any time of the day. That is reason for the so called chips are available in different flavours and packages but the homemade one has its own taste with a toss of chilly powder and fw pinches of salt.
Potato is always a potato which is loved by children and elders of all ages. My all time favourite snack is Potato chips though it is always available is many varieties and flavours.
Arey don’t worry about the oil or foil just enjoy the flavor of life the way it serves us. So here I am going to enjoy the cloudy evening with some crunchy munchy potato chips while eagerly waiting for the clouds to shower the magic drops of rain on my terrace.

September 28, 2018