July 26, 2016

Faces on vases

Pot Mural is one of the beautiful art. Making a ordinary pot into a wonderful home decor. It's a wonderful art. Recently I found these pot Murals while Googling on net. Mesmerized by its beauty.
A simple pot or a plain vase turned out to be a wonderful  show piece because of some creative hands.it can kept in any corner of the house or can be decoded as a centre piece on a table.So I thought of sharing it with more creative people out there. As Iam also crazy crafter some leasure day i will also try to make such wonders soon.

Lady in blue side face with Bal Krishna.

Look at the cute little bal krishna, neatly crafted on the vase with loads of jewellery

Another creative piece of Bal Krishna in front view looks so cute and creative

Look at the beauties with dashing red on the vases that fascinated me very much. The jewellery is so beautifully moulded with vibrant colours and it is jewel for any corner of the house.

Here is another Pretty young girl very well crafted with long hair.

Lord Krishna Playing flute on the vase. look at his crown how intricately designed and painted.

Lady with a hair accessories and red saree with green pallu

All Pot murals in a row.

Orangy Orangy on the vase...

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