March 21, 2016

Khul Ke Khelo Holi

Holi the Festival of vivid colours, it is celebrated by very few chennaites, School children and college goers will celebrate this festival here in Chennai, I have a wonderful memories of Holi with my in school days,
When i was in school my friends i used to buy colours and keep it safely in our school bags till the last bell. We wish everyone happy holi and share some delicacies with eachother. When the bell rang we will start splashing colours on each other and make the white uniform into a multicolor one. Some girls try to hide themselves or ran into other class rooms. By the end of the day  everyone used to get painted with vibrant colors to the extent that we become almost unrecognizable. That is not the end we end up throwing colours on other class girls and teachers who are very close to us. Though they try to avoid themselves from getting coloured our boys wont leave them.

                When i reach home with a mixture of colours already my brother will be there drenched with colours and getting scolding from Mom.

After getting a earful of scoldings from mom my brother takes bath and again goes to play Holi with the his friends in our Apartment.
Those moments are still unforgettable... Missing those wonderful days....

Wishing you all a very happy, colourful and safe Holi....    

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