December 28, 2014

Tell the truth

                                              Kinley 2014 TVC

When My Parents started to find a Life partner for they picked few photos from the Wedding broker.
One Guy was so handsome though he is not so fair or well settled. My parents first liked him and felt ok to go on with this alliance and exchanged the photos with their family.

So things were going on right track with his family we exchanged our contact numbers and started conversing with each other. Meanwhile we both understood each other and fell in love with each other.
On one fine day my parents announced that alliance wont work out so they started finding someone again.

as i was in love with him i continued talking with him. but i was feeling guilty. that day when i reached home fully worn out. my mom gave me a chilled water of kinley, having water i felt relaxed but i couldnt resist telling the truth.

so i opened up the matter about him. they felt happy for telling the truth and went on to fix the wedding day...

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