July 4, 2014

My Little Chef

it was quiet a hectic and tiresome day for me at office. when i was returning back home my 8 years old niece called me asking when will i reach home as it was late that day. i told her that iam on the way to home and will reach soon. 

when i was entered my home it was filled with the nice aroma of butter and cheese. i hugged my niece smelling the aroma and felt that someone was having a nice evening snack and got fresh up. i asked her whether she want doodh along with snacks? my niece came up to me saying that it would be better to have some sandwich with a cup of chai. i nodded my head in agreement.    

before i search for ingredients.she then went inside and brought a plate with hot sandwiches neatly garnished.

i was surprised. she had made sandwiches herself using the sandwich maker. it was so yummy and delicious. i am proud of her.then i made coffee for myself and boost for her and enjoyed the evening.

This entry is written for the Indiblogger Borosil contest....

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